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On YouTube, there is a new podcaster. He has just turned 19, and knew next to nothing about his surroundings in terms of politics and why people do the harm they do to anyone. I’ve been talking to him for over a year. It’s taken time for him to pull himself out of his mini-world to hear me, but after a few traumatizing rejections and hearing what I was talking about, he made a new podcast show called, “Graveyard Shift”. He’s young, and as you know, people need to learn and grow. So I ask that you check him out, and give him positive criticisms on his show and views. We all help each other after all. Here is a link to the show of my reply to a reply. Now understand, there’s tons of adult language. I hope you adults can handle that. The magic overlooked usually, is that you get to hear the young developing their thoughts and raging at things that are currently a shock to his system. I’ll spend time trying to help him focus and learn positively so during his rages, he is still coherent and getting his message out. Below the video is a reply, and then my reply to that reply.

COMMENT: America’s been doomed since Bernie lost back in 2016

MY REPLY: The young think that. I understand. 2010 and up mainly. The USA has NEVER been decent, or great. President Jimmy Carter was the last Democrat to hold office. Everyone else has been establishment money-grubbing big donor cucks. NO actually WE are the cucks. WE were to control the government, but instead, boomers ALLOWED their representatives to bring in big money and while they screw each other on the couch, we sit and watch. The young people don’t vote for shit so NOTHING changes, while the older people vote ALL the time and stick us with the same shit they were apart of that ruined any chances of decency. Graveyard Shift is slowly learning and opening his eyes to what’s going on. That’s good. When it’s election time in your area, VOTE. Fuck the weather, your games, the assholes you’re talking to. VOTE progressive. The young outnumber the old 6 to 1 and THEY are keeping us where we are. Keep that in mind for those who wonder how black people didn’t rise up against their white masters all those years ago.

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