This is my first post and it’s going to be no different than my YouTube posts; direct, but in this, no swearing.

I’ve been watching The Young Turks for a long time now. In recent months Cenk Uygur has cited what is and is not American, just like any other politician, or person seeking such status. In the comment section, a person made the argument that being called “American” is an insult due to the atrocities which occurred during the founding of this land. To debate it, a person I deem a troll, crudely retorted that uncontrolled military and such are to blame. They compared America to the Middle-East and random nations that commit vile acts against its people and those abroad.

I mainly agreed with the original post. This is due to it making the point that “America” has perpetrated disgusting acts against its’ own for the agreed arguments of slavery, abusive capitalism, racism, attempted or successful genocides, and all levels of bigotry. The TYT host Cenk Uygur was interviewing Ken Bone and constantly called him, “America”. To call someone anything in such a manner is to label them under a personalized blanket with possible esoteric meanings. Dubbing someone as “America” or anything of the sort also alienates others who do not share the exact same ideology.

Ken Bone presents himself as mild-mannered, understanding, and more-or-less a Liberal-Libertarian. Cenk listened to his retorts and was simply enamored with them. Calling Ken Bone “America” in the sense of all that is good and great about the country in a base sense, outcasts those like I, who are not nearly as mild-manner. People like me are usually highly opinionated, ideologically combative, and have a strong dislike of those who harm others without justifiable reasons. It can and in most cases do, alienate those who are not doing the same political podcasts, or dress a certain way, or vote a certain way.

Another reason why I do not like anyone being called, “America” is the same reason why I try to refer to it as the U.S.A. or the U.S. America is not the U.S. America runs from the top of Greenland, to the southern tip of Chile. There are 35 countries that make up America, or collectively, The Americas. I find it socially and politically vile to cite ourselves as America, while segregating, harming, hating, and turning our noses up to every other American Country north and south of the United States. While I’ll never have the money to go to some of the best places in each country, I know that in each one, they have great and horrible people, just like in the U.S.A.

In the past, there have been many migrations to the United States and each time, there was strife, turmoil, and unspeakable acts carried out against the newcomers. The last colonization remains the superpower majority and they’re rearing their nasty head at the thought that others wish to do as their ancestors did; find a good place to live. For decades our politicians spoke about greatness this land, and richness of its streets, and while they boast, they insure the survival of greedy, crony capitalism, which causes everyone else to suffer. While we, the citizens suffer, we are trained to hate the “Un-Americans”, consisting of the Mexicans, and the Canadians, and that’s only because they are immediate neighbors. While we call ourselves heroes, and drone on about our great, honorable military of freedom-fighting veterans, we ignore past events. We ignore puppies being thrown off of mountain ledges, covered up friendly fire, drug rings, sexual harassment, rape, and torture — all brutal and barbaric. We ignore that our honorable military attacked a country that had not attacked us, and then occupied it long enough for its citizens to want us gone, and once they showed their disdain at our presence, we retaliated citing them as savages, extremists, and fundamentalists of their religion.

We need to not look in the mirror, for first we need to take the protected black cloth down from the reflective vanity device, and then, for once, really take a look at the projecting monsters we are. At that point we have a choice to make: Do we remain as such, or change ourselves? We can change by changing how we vote, while changing who we dislike for what reasons. We can also change how we value the lives of “the other”, whether they are from the other side of the tracks, or whether they are the minorities that we’ve come to hate so much that we ignore their deaths at the hands of those who once swore to protect us.

We are the people of the United States of Northern America, not America, and no one person is “America”, let alone Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Canada, Greenland, or any of the other countries that make up this continent, which encompasses 8.5% of the surface of the world. We are, just as anyone else, people, and at the end each day, we have only represented handed down ideologies, beliefs, and social norms, which has not gained us the prosperity we so desire, deserve, and need. We are not America, or any other country in mind body or spirit, but we all are, readers, learners, and one day, leaders. Thank you for reading.

TYT Video of Inspiration: https://youtu.be/KXW8pWl2tBo

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