Why I Feel the Way I Do About LGBTQIA(?)

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[signs read]Homosexuality is sin, Christ can set your free! Corduroy skirts are a sin

There was an article written titled, “The ‘C’ Word” that I had a lengthy response to. In short, I claimed that Cis, and Cisgendered were pointless labels, and the LGBTQIA(?) people of the world are people that are obligated to be respected. There came a retort of my retort by, Christine Marie Merkel who had great things to say about me and my retort, as well as a few critiques and notices. I wanted to address them in this the best I can with full clarity. Keep in mind, these are not my beliefs. These, to me, are facts.

(1) Christine Marie Merkel (CMM) likened my article to “Color Blindness” and seemingly spoke as if I had no clue of the topic. Color Blindness (as a stand-alone topic) is a farce, and social fallacy. Seeing color is an obligation we all have. If you’re black, you’re black. White is white, beige is beige, etc. It’s like Freedom of Speech. We can all talk and express ourselves, but when we do it to harm others, then we have abused our freedom, and removed the freedom of others. We are a weak-minded tribal animal. When we join together to harm something, or someone else, we also generate an atmosphere of, “We can do it and you can’t… or else.” Therefore, people who want to fight back against being harmed, face the tribe that now must cause physical and further mental damage to keep their status, and ways. Being Color Blind is factually impossible. I see color with perfect clarity. I use the color of a person to for description, attraction, judgment of the end result of a person I would want to mate with, or match-make. If I use color to separate, hate, cast false judgment, blame for my own mistakes, or tribal mentality, then I have abused a color, a race, and not only corrupted, but outright disrespected my own integrity.

(2) CMM said, “My sexuality matters; it’s a part of what makes me who I am and it’s just as valid/valuable as say, a cishet man’s sexuality.”

I highly disagree. Anyone’s sexuality does not matter. No one’s sexual orientation, feelings, or preferences means anything beyond the base compatibility for another person, creature or object. My liking females do nothing for the guy next to me who needs an umbrella in the rain or blazing sun. You sexually liking what you like does not lessen poverty, or inspire someone neither of knows to write a poem. Your sexuality does not matter outside sexual attractions, and the acceptance of the interest or interested. No one’s sexuality makes them who they are. I’m not Sedrik (look at my profile and YouTube) because I like females. I’m me because I am me. What does make us who we are, are how others treat us. If you’re a female, most likely all straight men and Lesbians look at you with some degree of longing. That is not your sexuality. That is your sex. Your sexuality is your preference, and if that happens to be female, then the men will either hate you or try even harder. The females will accept you with a bonding or reject you for someone else. How they all treat you, becomes a life experience, and those experiences coupled with base personality traits, teachings from actual wise and honest people, are what makes you, you. Last on this: Seeking validity in what you prefer sexually is a waste of your own time. If you prefer that waste, I support it. Why? Because it is not harming me. I can’t help but picture myself running down the side walk grabbing people and asking, “I’m Sedrik, a male, and I like females. Are you ok with that, and do you agree to support it?” There is a kaleidoscope of issues and such for that scenario I won’t go into.

(3) CMM “It’s a good trait and I understand why you wish everyone could just let go of the labels and do the same — because I wish we could too, but we are far off from that reality coming to fruition”

I know I said what I say will be factual, but for this opening part, it is not. It is a hunch. People could easily, and willfully let go of labels and live their only life. There is a fact; the fact that blind, unintelligible fear controls them, equal to the person using their fear to control them. Here’s the hunch. I have a hunch that they fear losing that fear above all else. Finally for this one: We are not far from this becoming reality. We are at the center step leading up to the door of said reality. We just have options on the road to get there. Some are gruesome, vile, and sickening, and yet, we climb the steps and open the door swiftly, while others are peaceful, seemingly half-hearted, and passive; thus taking three full generations to gain one more step in the final climb. It is all about how fast we want to obtain the new reality.

(4) CMM “It’s why I want you to think about and carefully chose the language you use to identify those who society has placed outside the norm.”

I never think about what language to use for the LGBTQIA(?) and other groups. They are people. I see a gay person, and I most likely will comment to my woman. “He’s gay.” I move on. I usually pick on overtly straight people. The people who go out o their way to express they are not gay in any form or fashion. In Wal-Mart, there was a tall guy walking in front of us. “Damn he’s tall,” we mutter. We move on. He was wearing a fitting shirt, regular jeans, and never looked at the shoes. He walks as ridged as he can. He goes to the guy clothes and just stands loosely. I’m looking at shirts to match my shorts. We move on after a bit as well as him. We are getting baby wipes while he goes to the female section and look at shirts. There, he stands as upright as he can, fists on his hips, face becomes stern with a tight lip; something opposite as before. Maybe he’s just confused on something. He asks a patron for help with a deep voice. He is assertive in his query. “Excuse me. Tell where to get a size 10.” I smirk and think, “I’m manly maaaaan! I’m not gay, or anything, I’m manly maaaaan!” He got swift assistance and after he left and met up with a woman he seem to be with, his voice dropped 900 octaves, his posture settled, and his arms relaxed. I shook my head with a smile and thought with a meek voice, “Here dear, did I get it right?” Those are the people I assume (because I don’t know for sure) are the types that come up with these jacked up labels like, Gay, Queer, Lesbo (really?), and such. I have only one label I care to officially stand by, and that’s “PERSON”. There are two types of people: Decent and asshole. To you, after all I’ve said, I could be a full-on asshole. It’s ok. I got my wonderful woman by first saying, “I’m an asshole, but not like other assholes.” So get to know me fully outside of this before a full declarative judgment. :D

(5)CMM “It’s why I want you to understand how this should matter and to figure out how it matters to you.”

I hope you want everyone to understand how treating everyone with decency matters. To answer how this matters to me: It’s vital. It’s angering to my core. For centuries, in the U.S. alone, people who are not white, straight, and usually male, have been killed. All excuses arise to justify the murders, rapes and such of people. Religion, the law, simply disagreeing, and mob mentality are a few but more saturated excuses to kill anyone. Truth is: they simply are not Christian, white men. It has not been 100 years since women got the right to vote. Black men have had the right to vote longer, but just like women, there has been many obstructions placed in the path to make it as difficult as possible for either to vote. Women and black men get killed and raped, and in a Court-of-Law must prove that the crime took place, and if it did, if they were affected by it. Homophobic, misogynistic, and racists have held back people who were going to not merely advance, but evolve technology to the next level. Flying cars for everyone, better healing techniques, machines, A.I. and more, but they were all slain, or forced out of their practice due to not being like “everyone else.” It angers me to no-end that we, as a society in the U.S. and abroad, must suffer without good to great things, because of blind hatred, mob mentality, and a fear of things that are not causing anyone harm. If people could understand that, then maybe, they might look in the mirror, check themselves and get out of the self-destructive bubbles and circles they inhabit. The smaller the circle, the smaller the power, the smaller the influence. How we make those circles smaller, is fully up to us.

(6) CMM “It’s why I want good people like you to see and appreciate our differences.”

We don’t have differences. We all want to live our lives, eat well, be happy, and see the future. Everything else is a part of private personality. Thank you for the kind words. I hope they can remain kind after this article. If you think I attacked you at any juncture, I would like you to know, that was not the intention. I just want clarity. I can edit things if need be. Attacking people who has done nothing to me is not who I am. I do however, attack tribes on YouTube. :D\

Thank you for reading.

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