Why I Am Not Voting For Your Pick

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Let’s keep it real about Biden and Trump. Both of them have been accused with evidence of molestation and/or rape. Both of them have a past littered in racism. Both of them have and will raise taxes on the Middle and Lower classes. Both of them are in favor of WAR, hurting minorities, and separating families. Both of them have punished people fleeing from Mexico and Brazil that sought asylum the legal way, and Trump’s subsidy grift on the US using the border wall that Biden has not condemned. They both give tax holidays to the wealthy, lower taxes for the wealthy, use Socialism AND Communism to render money to the rich and wealthy. BOTH of them are clearly ok with the police beating on people and murdering them without punishment. Both of them lied like fools during their respective debates. It is clear they represent the top tier of their respective political party and YET, no one notices that THIS is how it is. No one wants to vote 3rd party, because 3rd party is unpopular and can’t win, WHILE every 2 to 4 years, we VOTE for our very defeat with this 2-party system. It’s called a SYSTEM for a reason. Systems are set up to function a certain way. With that way working you all, and you all voting for a system that hates you, it makes NO GODDAMN SENSE TO VOTE FOR THEM! Change your votes to another party and 100% leave this bullshit system of lies, greed, racism, classism, and abuse. Every sense President Richard Nixon, it has only gotten worse to the point we call the civil servants our leader. A vote for Trump is a vote for all I’ve said, with the bonus of proving the racism is stronger than decency. A vote for Biden is a vote for democrats to gain that 5-year-old level of comfort and act like everything is going to just perfect. It’s bullshit, and you all are bullshitting me, your peers, and worse yet, yourselves. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got. A return to normal is a return to justifiable racism, murder, bigotry, misogyny, and the continued absence of “Protect & Serve” on police cruisers. I’ve leveled up and will NO LONGER vote between a backhand, or punch to the face. I’m leaving the two party system of Ike and Turner, and voting for anyone that has MY best interest at heart, and NOT the interest of using 235,000 dead U.S. Inhabitants to help their poll numbers rise. If you can vote and sleep well thinking you’ve done thing positive, then please check into a mental institute but you’re fucked in the head, and I’ve already listed the proof of that.

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