Why Hitler Loves Russia

Comparative Reasoning
2 min readMar 16, 2022

Below the video resides the written version.

Hitler rose to power in Germany bringing the Nazi party to the forefront and began taking over other countries.

Russia, or the U.S.S.R back then fought against the Nazis

The U.S. (once pulled into the war) fought against the Nazis

If there was any group of people to hate, it would be the Nazis.

Fast forward, and with a distain for President Obama, a portion of the U.S. population undertook the banners of the Nazi while at times hailing Hitler, with minorities across the board being attacked, harassed, and killed by panicky cops, self-righteous vigilantes, and maligned by conservative media news hosts.

Fast forward to the years of President Trump, parts of the U.S. developed a love for Putin, but not Russia, until the love for China turned sour and suddenly Russia, as a nation was neutral.

Putin, was held high in regard amongst U.S. Nazis until it was time for the next Presidential election. The distraction saw Trump and Nazi banners during the multi mob assault and invasion of the Capital and they sought out politicians who hid in fear for their lives.

Once the dust settled and excuses for their actions rose, Putin began his campaign to invade Ukraine.

Once the invasion began in 2022, the U.S. public tasked themselves to pick a side of the ensuing and escalating war. Ukraine, or Russia. The Nazis chose to support Russia after Former President Trump praised Putin on his intelligence.

So currently, as of this recording, U.S. Inhabitants who once hated the Nazis, picked up the Nazi banner to express hatred for a bi-racial U.S. president, and now cheer for a country’s leader, that by World War II events, dictates they should hate.

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