Why Anime Girls Are Lusted For

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OPENING: I talk about my start into Anime and speed through formative years in watching Anime and deep conclusions. Don’t worry, there’s a happy ending.

Anime has been hot since the 1970’s and it’s not slowing down. I grew up in an area that looked down on cartoons in general. I watched Robotech, Macros, Tranzor Z, and others, but never knew it was anime. For those that do not know, “Anime” is short for animation. To pronounce it like the Japanese, you would say it as, “Ah-Knee-Meh”. Americans simply say, “Ann-E-May”.

I had not a care for them or anything as I was a little kid back then. I just like the action. As I grew, so did my interests. Seeing Anime like Dragon Ball, Tank Police, Baki the Grappler, Fist of the North Star, and a few more, I started noticing how females were lush in figure. They mirrored females at school and such. This is only important in that it made me believe that Anime was coming from the U.S. These shows were loaned to me by a friend at the time who didn’t explain what Anime was. He assumed I knew because I liked the shows. Oh yeah, this was vintage stuff; dirty footage from incompatible VHS and BETA dubbings. That’s why we thank Audio/Video cords.

My friend, his friend, and I always commented on how thick the girls were. My attention had to be grabbed for me to comment. I kept the thoughts to myself. As time passed and Anime was watched more for the drama and action, we guys enjoyed the way girls looked, but (as odd as it seems) we judged shows based on voice acting believability, original voice to dubbed voice, action sequences making sense, and talking out fan fiction before there was fan fiction. We placed all Anime under scrutiny. It didn’t matter if it were drama, hentai, eichi, horror, racing, questing or any combination therein or out. We appreciated Anime. When we got older and into women, that is when things began to form.

Luckily, and yet, sadly for me, girls were not attracted to me unless they didn’t see me at all, was bored, or didn’t want to asking a third time; so they could get rid of me. This was good for me, and I felt that it was then, for other reasons. My friends were rather lucky with the ladies. They got lucky often and respectfully never kissed and told… unless asked by someone they knew would keep a secret; me.

No one dealt with a girl. It was never like that for them or I. We simply learned and chilled. I was happy to have friends that didn’t go around cheating. I was not much respected, but then again, I wasn’t having sex with them. LOL. In a short amount of time, we started asking questions on personality traits, and trying to understand certain levels of arguments. We tested defusing arguments by being agreeable, blaming ourselves first, and such to see how they would turn out. We all had the same issue. The girls were still angry and at times exacerbated the argument; even in the light of nearly arguing with no one in the room.

By this time, Anime girls had changed in appearance. The style gave a massive increase in breast size, and removed curves elsewhere. The girls were skinny, short, same sized heads and far more hair than usual. Physically, it was a turn off, and yet, they were still sexy to certain degrees. It was something we struggled to figure out for a whole summer. As relationships came and went, over the first 4 weeks of school, it hit me and my (at the time) closest friend like a bolt of lightning, at the same time of day, in two different classrooms.

We met up at his home later in the day and while watching Dragon Ball GT (lol that series), I blurted out, “Girls got love!” He gasped and cited that’s what he was trying to say. We spoke on it for a bit and concluded why Anime girls are the go-to in terms of a perfect girl. It was not the body, but legit, the personality.

While Anime girls come in all personality forms they harbor the same traits of passion, and loyalty. There’s that whole cartoon magic persistent cleanliness so sex is always on the menu. That’s honestly nice, but minor. We thought about how Anime girls stick by their man from boyfriend to beyond marriage. They don’t cheat, and will nearly fight to the death to evade it. They lovingly do for the one they are in love with. We found ourselves hating the guys in Anime as they got a great thing and don’t respect it. To us, males in relationships in Anime were villains. The girls are not perfect at all. They can get loud, annoying, and mess up like nobody’s business, but it all has that taste of, “I did it to prove I love you,” thing.

Yes, to a female reading this it sounds awful; something no one could live up to and I think that was the point of Anime. In real life, girls were secretive, preached daily how they didn’t need a man, and would boast how most men can’t satisfy a woman. It didn’t take much for us to wish to have that Anime girl. Keep in mind, that my friends were lucky with the ladies. That’s getting them. Being with them after the relationship settled from newness was a different story. What we never thought about, was that women are so desired, that the amount of guys lusting after them got old in a hurry and the thought of being a guy usually bored them into annoyance.

As Anime clubs grew, and guys were able to express their love for the Anime girl, girlfriends of guys wanted to watch Anime to see what the hoopla was all about. So with present company, we can’t talk about the mindset of the Anime girl, because we knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt that would hurt them far more than assumed body image issue they created. Yes, the girls did body-shamed themselves. On the screen, they saw skinny girls with large breasts, and believed that is what drew us to the females. We felt it was better to let them believe that, then the truth.

I have watched Ranma 1/2, Fruits Basked, and the live action Mischievous Kiss. While all my relationships ended with the girl cheating on me, or using me to cheat on someone(s), I found my Anime girl and to this date, it’s been 25 years. She’s perfectly, my Akane Tendo, Katsumi Tendo, Toru Honda, and Aihara Kotoko rolled up into one. I can factually say I have my anime girl, and while we fuss and fight here and there, most of any given day, we are laughing, playing, watching TV and having other levels of fun. I love her, appreciate her, and most lucky to be able to the way Anime guys should have been to the girls that loved them. Now, all I need to do is stand on a hill of tall lush green grass swaying in high winds.

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