“ Who knows, I’m human. We’re all human. Whatever.”

I was so reading this and trying to think about each word carefully until that “whatever” came out. You just disrespected your own work, experiences and wasted the reader’s time. You need to gain self-standards and drop that “whatever” mindset. I stay away from people like that. If I were a lawyer, I’d use that language to ruin anything about them. The word itself incites that nothing matters and there are no consequences that could arise from you.

Common arguments end in “whatever”. I’m sure you’ll find someone else to have sex with. That’s perfectly fine. Since, “whatever” about it all, don’t complain about it. Just deal with it by yourself because… “whatever”.

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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