While the ACLU is doing what they can to get families reunited, I cannot agree to this holding the government accountable. I do appreciate the full disclosure the ACLU has provided, and yet what has been displayed is the full level of ineffectiveness any one person or group has on the government. The ACLU did what could be done, and the government tosses dodges, and weak excuses in return. The government, in shorter words than they rendered, explained to everyone that nothing will be done and we will not accept it, but angrily complain while being powerless to change not only them, but us as well.

If anything, this should provide a detailed spreadsheet on why nothing of the U.S. government changes. The government is not a separate entity. The government is us. It is how we treat people, teach our kids, friends and senior family members. It is what we and they are allowed to get away with, as well as what they observe others getting away with, that shape their world-view of things can and should be done.

If you who read this want change to happen around you, it all starts with you, and if you hold yourself and those around you accountable for the things said and done. Accepting lies to avoid confrontation ushers in that same mendacity into our government offices, public schools of any level, and remains portrayed in our faces, within the very TV characters we are disgusted with.

This is me doing my part. I try to hold myself and those around accountable for what we do and say. There is nothing more basic and simple than this. If you, the reader, cannot or will not push personal accountability, then you, the reader, must not complain about those who have none.

Thank you for reading.

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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