“What We May Fear About Dreams”

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Dreams are sounds and visions we have when we sleep. Lots of people claim they do not dream, and those claims are false. The truth is: they simply do not remember them. Experts cite that no one dreams in color. I and many others don’t believe that, because we factually know the experts are wrong. Some dreams are nightmarish and that does not mean horror. That simply means something controlled the more angering, or fearful side of your sleep. I’ll question up a few narrative examples.

You go to sleep; fitful or calm, and then awaken a bit groggy and find yourself interacting with someone that is nearby? Let’s say that person was two rooms down from yours, or in the same sleeping space as you. You have an argument where you are frustrated. You yell at each other to the point where a fight might break out, and instead of doing such, you walk away, leaving that person to deal with her or himself while you rather sleep it off. You lie down and drift off faster than you should, only to awaken either exhausted from the argument or feeling as if the argument is not over. I’ll do one more example.

You lie down and rest, drift off, and hit a deep sleep swiftly. Your dreams are sketchy at best; meaning they are random clips of thoughts with neutral interest. Suddenly, a familiar voice shouts your name in your ear jerking you awake. Maybe a few of those clips get remembered, but you’re looking around with a foggy recollection of whom that voice belonged to.

Personally, these are my most tame dreams, and yet, I’ve been contemplating something odd. I’ve been thinking on this for years. A few things I want to bring to light; questioning you and myself about. I’ll speak personally from some types of dreams I have had and things that has happened involving them. I ask that you see if you have had something like what I am describing. My conclusions and whatnot are mine own, iffy, and if you share some of them, think about things a bit more. If you are a so-called expert on dreams, and my thoughts don’t match yours or your studies, I suggest you put ice on your head to keep it from swelling so that you may contemplate on something new.


When I was a kid, roughly twice a year, I would have a dream where me and the four friends I had were at some point chased by a giant brain with wire-like tentacle. We ran, screamed, and at some point, I found myself running from this brain alone. I would get tired, turn around, stare at it, and then get yanked from my body to watch the brain float before the body that is me. I would observe the scenery in full color and smell as I watched paralyzed as the brain would grab my wrists and rhetorically ask, “Why run with people, when you’ll be alone?”

I didn’t get it for years. I chalked it up to an overactive imagination. Then, years later, even after the dream stopped, I was watching “100% weird Movies on TNT” with my girlfriend and Billy Bob would sit with his beer, and show the intro to the show what consisted of an old black and white movie where people were fighting a brain. I always found that odd. At the same time, I realized I stopped chasing my so-called friends and let them leave me alone. After a few more years, it all hit me very hard.

I’ve had many dreams like this. It could be simply using our past to match how we really feel inside to a possible future we may not like. It could work in opposites. It could tell us a future we would love. My question to you and myself is: Do dreams have a way of telling us the future?


I’ve had many dreams involving anger, and just the opposite. In truth, as I write this eating a stack of unsalted saltines to suppress a cough, I have to think about which dream I want to use. While it will be instant for you, it will be a bit of time for me. It’s been 10 minutes and I fell on the dream of a home invasion where this guy wanted to rape my woman. This dream has happened only a few times; involving either guns or knives. In either case, I am helpless. Being helpless is not the angering part. My woman being violated downright enrages me on multiple fronts. Skipping how these dreams go and end, when I awaken, I often have an adrenaline rush and spend moments walking in circles wishing to brutalize something, or someone. When I talk to my woman in g-chat or on the phone, I ask if she’s ok. I chalk this up to my deepest relationship fears controlling the narrative. Also, I know this stems from the movie, “Four Brothers.”


This is the most recent dream of this type. Nighttime and I’m going to sleep on the futon. I drift off over time. Suddenly I awaken, but do not move. The room looks the same. Nothing in the area is out of place. There is a blue-grey hue to everything. The hue also consists of a cone of general focus. Looking at the adjacent futon, I see all around it, but hue zeros in on a 1-foot diameter spot. As my vision alters from spot to the next, the blue-grey hue shifts as if there are clouds around it. Then, I shut my eyes and listen carefully. I can hear chatter coming from outside. I get up, open the door and it’s not to the front yard, but the parking lot of when we lived in public housing. There, I find the X-Men standing around cars. They are waiting for a force that will crush the planet. I wait with them. During this wait we have to enter my home and find something. It takes a while but we find it. I left out 3 hours of action and banter. When I awaken, my eyes are sore; my hearing is super sharp to the point where cars driving by outside was screaming in my head. I could hear every tiny piece of road debris driven over, and the more I healed my eyes, the better my hearing returned to normal for me. I’ve had many adventures dealing with where I live. For me, for this dream, the only thing that came from it, was Deadpool 2 was advertised midday, just 4 hours after awakening. Was it the first advertisement? I do not know. It was the first ad that I saw. Have you had any abode adventures? If so, what did it surround?

PERFECTION (This is the last and most important one to me.)

I’ve had many dreams in many places and in no place at all. To define place in this light, would be somewhere familiar. The places have been small villages, big cities, country sides, valleys, alien worlds and more. There are countless situations, interactions, and unmitigated levels of fun. The one thing that stands out above it all is the scenery. Of all the scenery, there is one that is simply perfection for me, and maybe even you. See if it matches.

Often times in these dreams, I find myself standing at the top edge of a hill. The sky is blue and clear all around. There are clouds here and there. The wind picks up at times and the grass though eight inches to 3 feet tall, sways accordingly. The green of the grass is as vivid as the sky, and the openness of everything is comforting. The wind kisses your skin and dances through your hair, or over your scalp. You simply feel free. There are no worries. No politicians using racism to line their pockets, and stay in control. No cops killing civilians. No civilians killing other people. No person using religion to force anyone to do, or believe anything. No person putting needless chemicals in our foods, or anything of the sort. It’s just bliss, and freedom.

Often times for me, these dreams surround a fun anime-type life set in reality, so nothing super, or anything. Human limits are final. These dreams happen here and there. When I awaken from them, I feel happy. I feel a bit energized for the day, and feel like it could last the week. Now, after all this dream talk, this is where I get super contemplative about what it all means or could mean, or could want, or… something.

Though the dream of perfection always initiates joy, love, feelings of bliss and safety, I wonder if this perfection is the true nightmare. Nightmares often deal in what we fear, hate, or something therein. Perfection is a strong word, and yet, if you have ever had a dream like this, where everything is right and there is no strife, bickering, mendacity, abuse, hatred, money, greed, and emotional pain rendered through actions against you. None of that lives there. However, that is what surrounds you and me in the real world.

From my current and hopefully changing understanding, the nightmare, is that life could be like my and maybe your dream, and roughly overnight, but we just don’t want it for some reason. That scares me at the few times I think about it. I guess that was the original idea of being “woke”. Wake up from the happy dreams, see life around you and how dismal and hateful it is, and WAKE UP. I was lake to the “woke run” and only heard of it as it was dying out. Still, and think about this: Is it possible for you to change what you do, for a more peaceful and honest society?

Now, after thinking about that, I would you rethink on it without adding what you know others will or will not do, think, or say. Think about you only and what you do, think, and say. If there were lovely skies, lush vivid green grass, subtle breezes and joyful gusts, and decent to truly friendly people about, would you stop the negative things you do, think, and say to have such bliss?

To me, this bliss is obtainable, but it would be an effort of spreading the bliss, cancelling out the idiots by getting them to pause, think, and ask them, “What’s the point of doing what you are doing, if it will not give you long-term happiness?” Joy for the moment is not joy forever, and forever lasts for one life; your life. We’ve lived a nightmare long enough. I ask you, “Shouldn’t we start waking up?”

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