Wash Your Junk [I will NOT be kind]

Wash Your Junk [I will NOT be kind]

I listened to my co-host read an article about men not washing their dicks, and the smell that people are hit with when they get near for sexual interactions. There is a ton of stuff this writer gets into and for me; it’s stomach turning. Words I’ve never heard of and situations that never should arise. This writer is female, and lesbian, and gives great pointers to keeping your dick clean. I’m going to lead into the next sections with, “No one should have to write anything about this shit!”

I watch porn a lot and while watching, I am also listening. As a listener, I hear females talk about doing lesbian or bi-sexual scenes and the girl’s crotch isn’t washed. To quote what I heard. “The bitch ain’t wash her shit! Her pussy was god-awful! I won’t doing that shit!” I’ve never heard of a guy not washing his junk, because it makes sense to wash your junk. It makes sense for all peoples who can, to wash their shit!

I was stunned to listen to this article as from the rim of guy’s dicks there was something that looked like cheese that came off. Toilet tissue stuck to the head, oozing from the urethra, and the smell of mold from their balls. I ask this with all honesty. “WHAT THE FUCK IF WRONG WITH YOU?” If I don’t shower, my pits smell, but not my dick, nor my scrotum. I’m circumcised, and when flaccid, the head draws up and the foreskin rolls over it a bit, or near fully. So from that standpoint, from here on out, I know what the fuck I’m talking about.

When you’re done masturbating or have any form of sexual intimacy where fluids (even sweat) manages to get on your dick, or anything of the sort, take the time to do two things and preferable in this order.

(1) Urinate! While engaged in sex or even dry sex where ejaculation takes place, you need to void yourself afterwards. Residues of semen or pre-ejaculatory fluids are still present in the urethra. Urinating will flush the remaining fluids out. The whole point of urinating is to rid the body of liquid toxins. Sexual fluids have some acidity to them so clearing them out is important to reduce the chance if not fully avoid urinary tract infections (UTIs), and the beginning of other harmful bacteria.

(2) Clean Your Genitals! In the movies, they bang, get up, clothes on while talking and leave. That’s some stupid shit to put in a movie. It’s not real by a damn sight; UNLESS you’re running for your life. When you are done with anything sexual that gets fluids on you, void, and then wash off. If you are with someone that doesn’t want you using their stuff to clean up, that person is not the person for you. It’s that damn simple. Damn any stipulations. You can fuck them, but you can’t clean up around them? Fuck that, and fuck them! Guys, use a wash cloth and soap. Don’t do the move thing and use a bar soap, rub on you and think it is all good. DO NOT BE STUPID. Don’t be that guy. Pee, wash your balls, your dick, pull the foreskin back and wash behind the rim of the head of your dick and underneath as well. Pinch and rub underneath because fluids WILL get trapped there. It is perfectly ok to wash the head of your dick as well. Get it all clean like you give a shit about yourself. If you don’t, AT LEAST do it so if a girl goes down on you, you don’t have to hear, “Nah baby, yo dick stinks to high-hell.” While washing your scrotum, pull the fucker a bit to undo the folds/wrinkles and wash that damn thing. Wash between that and your thighs, too, and be sure to get behind your balls near your anus. You might be saying, “damn man, you might as well get a wash yup or a shower.” You know what…. DO THAT! Just do it! DO IT! A few minutes of inconvenience is worth it, to evade pulling cheese-like stuff from behind the head of your dick, or mold growing on your balls, or near your rectum. Hell, if it helps, “Don’t be an asshole and wash near your asshole.”

It’s downright fucking nasty and shameful to go without washing your dick. It’s a crying goddamn shame have cheese-balls, instead of cheese balls. One is sex-repellent and the other a great snack than will slowly rot your liver. Artificial sweeteners are a pill. Girls, this isn’t something to use to hate on guys. You need to step up. Yes it’s a fucking crime of nature to not have a washed undercarriage, and yet, it’s important that if you happen upon this blight of life, to act rationally.

If your man or woman is not cool down there, or at the pits, just shut your eyes, sit up and say with a calm tone, “Honey, it ain’t cool down there. I really want this. Go bathe a bit. Get it clean so I can ruin it for anyone else.” Simply say something that isn’t like what my friend did when he first witnessed a vaginal fart. He burst out laughing, pulled out, backed away and shouted, “What was that?” I can only imagine how messed up she was. If anything, I hope she would have stood up, got dressed, and said, “You’re not right in the head.” left got home and showered. Be kind, until the person isn’t kind. Men and women who find themselves in these predicaments need to heed all of this and be decent-minded forward-thinking people. How you treat people in clutch times like this, will always stay with them. Being kind at these moments will build respect, self-respect, and give hope to people in a world where all seems hopeless.

Thank you for reading.

Inspiring Article -> Merritt K

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