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Venezuela; a country so lovely, it was the hotspot for vacationing wealthy white people from 1980 to 1999. People were so afraid of calendars not rolling over to 2,000, they threw away all rationality. It took until after December 31, 2012, 11:59AM for randomized panics of the “End of the World” to go away under the scrutiny of “We’re still here in 2013”. So what does this have to do with Venezuela? It’s just a build up so I can relate the subject to the predicate and link with all meaning in hopes to get people to stand above the fog.

After our black president who made sure to embrace being bi-racial and working with the political snapping turtles on the right, Obama claimed to send aid to Venezuela and he did. There was much help, but that help came in the form of rampant unfettered capitalism without accountability. The leader got it all, the people got nothing and they are now starving, steadily going homeless, watching each other die of malnourishment, dehydration, and basic government neglect. This is simply how it is there. People rely on socialism to live above the death-line.

Think about what socialism is. It’s a 100% check on capitalism. The government heeds the call of the people to maintain civility, financial fairness, and continued job opportunities as well as advancements in entrepreneurship. Capitalism without socialism is a financial dictatorship called a Plutocracy. That is what we have in the U.S. The wealthy use the greed of politicians to gain favors in the form of deregulations and law bending. Without a want for money, politicians would have no incentive to ruin all for the sake of a few. So what does this have to do with Venezuela? You might have missed it, but I linked them. The United States is headed into the same iceberg Venezuela slammed into; and currently keeps pushing into as if causing more damage to the hull will fix said damage.

Have you heard of the Trans-Arabian Pipeline? If not, it’s why there are so many wars in the Middle-East dating back to around 1953. Think about this: A guy informs W. Bush (as a few others have) that there will be an attack on US soil. Bush retorts, “Ok, fine, you’ve covered your ass.” The attacks happen, and he is alerted on TV while reading a book to kids. The look on his face that says, “I hope nobody knows what’s going on,” you know that, “Ooooh, daddy knows what I know, now.” W. Bush lowered his head and awkwardly read on before leaving. The same day, just a few hours after the second plane flew through the building, W. Bush announces it was, Osama Bin Laden, and there will be payback. All of the U.S. asked, “Who the fuck is that?” After a few brief days of Bin Laden talk, it was declared that the target of revenge falls upon Sadam Hussain, and the whole point of going after him was because he is a brutal dictator that has harmed his people and used chemical warfare. How easily we slipped into forgetting, “Who the fuck is Osama Bin Laden?”

W. Bush, and his handler Vice President used the aid of the military industrial complex to fabricate images of bunkers, silos, battle, and bodies to break all United Nations’ rules and leap into a war what was won in a few moments. Sadam was put on a speedy trial, found guilty and executed. We know this because, “Ladies and Gentlemen… We got him.” Sadam is dead, and US troops go home. Right? Right? They’re still there today, 18 years later in an occupation. The U.S. won, the Iraqi showed unification with the U.S. by taking pictures with the troops, praising them, toppling Sadam statues and monuments. The U.S. didn’t leave, and in a few weeks, the Iraqi citizens asked, “Why are you still here?” With no answer, and the troops initializing an unofficial marshal law, the citizens fought back, and paid media judged the citizens as attackers, rebels, radical militias, then terrorists, suicide vests, walking I.E.Ds, radical terrorists, and more. Actually, this is what they call Black Live Matter, Justice Democrats, and currently, everything and everyone that doesn’t roll over for Right Wing desires. Question: Why stay in Iraq? You must have forgotten. Remember, when I asked if you ever heard of the Trans-Arabian Pipeline? Iraq was blocking it. So is Syria. Check the TAP and see where the wars are.

So what does this have to do with Venezuela? After everything you’ve heard of, Republicans have attacked not merely the left, but vehemently the “radical left”. Using the word radical inflames the idea of bad, and links your mind into the belief of “radical left bad, right not radical, so good.” The left is radical, and the left wants to topple a racist, plutocratic regime and the right wing wants to keep money flowing and ruining all pathetic lives underfoot. So, to ensure the right stays in power, they label the left wing front runners as liberals, radicals, and socialists. All those words have been linked on paid media as bad, and thus, uneducated people simply run with it without holding the terms or the people up to scrutiny and doing research on them.

Using my nine year old daughter as an example of this, she got her first bike and wanted it work without effort. She must go forward, but only peddled backwards. After many tries and her being angry the bike didn’t do as she wanted, I asked her, “Why do you keep peddling backwards, when you want to go forward?” She answered, “It’s easier to go backwards.” I said to her, “That is a perfect example of cognitive dissonance. You can’t have both. You want one thing and keep doing another. You have to make a choice. You can peddle backwards and never get anywhere, or you can peddle forwards and learn how to ride the bike.” She simply gave up in anger.

The uneducated or willfully stupid keep peddling backwards while citing that it is the only way to move forward. In order to bash the left, they use, VENEZUELA. See, I got to it. Venezuela is a socialist country just like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, and anyone else who waves the flag of forward-thinking. They cite Venezuela as ruined-by-socialism and used a small crack in the city population that was forced to eat rats to not starve to death, as a means of saying, “In Venezuela they all eat rats because they are socialists.” If you have more than two neurons in your brain, you’d break it down like this: “So because they are socialists, they eat rats. That’s like saying, because I’m this complexion, I only eat this kind of food”, or “I saw two kid jump in a dirty pond to swim. This means every kid in that town does the same thing, simply because they are in that town.” When it comes to people, the lack of critical thinking is critical.

The U.S. cites Venezuela as a lost cause, with the only use being that of ostracizing Progressives running for office. Then, suddenly, the U.S. talks about causing a regime change in Venezuela in order to help the country. You know: that thing they did for Iraq, and are attempting in Syria. Remember those? Now, all of a sudden, the U.S. wants to head place in charge of Venezuela, a person who supports the U.S. and will be backed by the U.S. militarily to overthrow the current dictator. Then, our current Commander-in-Chief says, “We’re going to Venezuela to help them, but it’s really about the oil. They have the largest oil supply; why can’t we just go take it now? But they have a large supply of oil and we’re going for it.” So our current President of the United States of Northern America blurts out the underlining plan and yet, paid media does not cover that at all. Did they miss it? No, they didn’t miss it. How do I know? Compare and contrast. They didn’t miss Obama wanting mustard on his burger, wearing a blue suit, showing respect for leaders in their homeland, and citing Trayvon Martin would look like him if he had a son. They don’t miss anything the left does that can be criticized, and damn sure don’t miss anything the Progressives do or say and remove all context. So no, they didn’t miss it, they simply didn’t report it because they are not news; they are propaganda. It’s a damn shame if that is news to you.

So while the U.S. builds the largest, most beautiful wall we have ever seen to keep people south of the U.S. from getting in, the U.S. is invading a nation in the south for the oil. I find it evil to cite refugees seeking a safe place to raise a family as murders, rapists, and criminals, all-the-while passive-aggressively forcing a country to ruin it’s economy thus murdering people, while raping 6 year-old girls, teens, and parents who flee trying to prevent that very violence, and breaking all United Nations’ laws to do whatever they want without persecution. I ask this: Please stop arguing about Venezuela being socialism, or capitalism and the entire bullshit minutia involved, and keep open the main topic of invading a country for oil. It’s about the oil, the money, the plutocracy. It’s never been about what Venezuela is. It’s only about what’s happening to (not in) Venezuela.

Thank you for reading.

Osama Bin Laden was found and detained by the Pakistani government. A mail courier heard of the $20-million dollar reward for his whereabouts. The courier informed the U.S. The U.S. illegally captured Bin Laden, murdered his wives, never paid the mail courier, killed Bin Laden and dumped him in the ocean. The U.S. has not paid for national trespassing, wrongful unwarranted kidnapping, and unjust murder.

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