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This is reply to the Ring of Fire. You can see the video first and then read my comment, or vise versa. It’s your eyes, do what comes to mind first.

Blaming Melania, and Trump is fucking WEAK! Blame the parents that TEACH their kids this shit. BLAME the families that don’t chastise their kids for this shit! BLAME the teachers and other faculty members of ANY school that doesn’t punish kids and their parents for DOING, TEACHING, and ENABLING this shit! Trump is merely the whitehead visible of the grown problem under the skin. All whiteheads get popped when the person sees and recognize them at a blemish on their pretty little face. The problem is: All these faces don’t give a shit about the stinging pimple because the ugliest 1/3 of U.S. people see pimples as a beauty mark, without thinking of the scar that it’s going to leave behind when it’s done.

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