Comparative Reasoning
1 min readApr 12

People have marched in the streets, tweeted, spoke in circles amongst allies, wrote letters, and nodded at the screen to get something going on gun reform. Reform comes through actions from the elected officials in charge of the people. The issue is: the corporations who are in charge of the officials do not want anything messing with their pockets. This means your tax dollars pay politicians 80K to 180K annually, while they use the surplus of tax money to give to the military industrial complex, big oil and fossil fuels, big pharma, and food companies that are deregulated. This deregulation allows companies to not fully clean the live stock waste from the very ground up foods we all consume. So with gun manufacturers and associations paying high prices to the politicians, it makes total sense why nothing ever gets done in favor of the people, but the rich and the wealthy. So how do we get gun reform? From Trump supporters. Take a listen.

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Comparative Reasoning

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