Too much hate. Feminists can’t write without spewing hatred towards men. While the information presented might have been amazing, it’s drowned out by easy translations of, “Men are in charge, hate them,” “Men are the problem,” “Men know nothing because they are not smart,” etc. So many great posts of true information is out there, and this might have been one, but it’s hard to listen to something that shouts, “You are nothing, and we are everything.” It’s bad enough to deal with being hated because I’m black, now I have to be hated because I was born with a penis. In truth, this is just as bad as the racists. Plenty of things they know we can use to make living better, but we can’t use it, because it’s being used against a group of people.

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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