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“To Hell with Kamala Harris”

Recently, Kamala Harris placed her bid to run for 1/3 of the social controlling power of the United States of America. People are taken by her. They love her. The people want to see her in office quickly. The greatest question will lead to the weakest answers. That question is, “Why”. Here’s a list of most common reasons for her to be president.

(1) She’s a woman.

(2) She’s black.

(3) She reminds people of Barack H. Obama.

(4) She says good things.

Great question trailed by weak answers. Anyone pushing for her for these reasons would do best to never vote again. Why am I being so harsh against Kamala? Because when someone is going to run for office, any office, people who are going to vote, should be lawfully obligated to have some sense of chronology, and decency for all. People would best be obligated to be harsh when choosing the person who can ruin or better the lives of who they lord over.

(1) She’s a woman. That’s pathetic. It’s just as pathetic as, “He’s a man.” Voting for a gender or a sex is not the same as voting for liberation, and exception of gender and sex. Conflating the two is low-brow and a detriment to oneself and others around.

(2) She’s black. That is just as dumb as, “He’s white.” Her skin tone is not an indicator of what tribe she will support. There are a few black people in offices and they are at best allowing a portion of black people to stay off the street. They are not enforcing justice for black people. They are not fighting to end cops abusing black people. They are not even fighting their peers to stop financial abuse against black people. She being black for a reason to vote for her expresses that the voter has no ability to reason, and thus would be a great candidate for someone to be turned away at the polls.

(3) She reminds people are Barack H. Obama. Kamala Harris is a centrist. She’s a democrat for votes and in the middle to show she’s worth getting paid by corporations to aid in their favor; a favor that legitimately ails the public below the upper-class financial brackets. Her reminding you of Obama obligates you to do research on Obama. It helps for people to know, he swore to no golden parachutes and then used tax-money to bail them out; without getting much if any return on said bailout. It helps to know Obama saw and commented on black people being slaughtered by cops, and when he related himself to it, congress told him to shut up; and he did. He said nothing more other than cops and civilians both need help. Sounds like Trump citing there are good people on both sides of the progressives and the racists.

(4) She says good things. Honestly, I have said many good things. Vote for me. You won’t; will you? You know why? Because I’m on MEDIUM, you don’t know me, can’t see me, and don’t know how much I agree with your preconceived beliefs. Guess what, readers? Kamala Harris is not on MEDIUM, you don’t know her at all, you can’t visit her or send an email with an honest reply, and while she, like any other career politician, will say things close to or spot on to what you already believe, like Obama, she most-likely will not uphold what she cites.

I would never vote for Kamala Harris. I will not vote for anyone who is centrist, center-left, slightly left, or rejected progressives only to find it best to be one and then claim to be one; to certain degrees. If she can change her mind on a whim, what will she do for that corporate money? What will she do under the influence and pressure of her centrist colleagues?

People, readers, writers, and more, I ask you to reject candidates that speak one way without any substance. Listen to their policies. Do they take big donor money? Do they work with center-left people? Do they only talk about helping the middle-class? Do they talk about removing Trump? Do they talk about helping/supporting the children, and their futures? Do they ask for your support in these trying times? If so, do not vote for them.

My greatest request for anyone is to, “Have Standards.”

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