Though in the varying shades of gray the Twilight Zone was, I loved them as a kid. They were always thought-provoking and mysterious. I do recall seeing that one and being confused as to how a Librarian could be obsolete. The guy simply wants others to have things to read. That’s how I thought then and now about harmless people. I do have hatred in me. The hatred is for those who would cause harm onto anyone not being harmful; passive-aggressive or direct. I’m far nicer and calm here. YouTube is where I vent my anger. I read your profile. Though I fully understand disclosure and such; my thoughts were, “Gay man, huh? Why not simply be a man? Gay has nothing to do with one else and gay doesn’t hurt anyone, so just be a man who happens to like men and get on with life.” Sadly, people don’t like leaving people alone and that outright ticks me off when I see it happening. Thank you for the video post, and thank you for reading.

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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