The Word “Toxic” Will Become “Toxic”

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As of this moment, I’ve not heard the word toxic used foolishly. That’s good, and yet, to give warning, I am one who noticed ages ago, that if it can be made, it will be used for evil deeds; or unfavorable for society’s needs. Right now, the buzz-terms are Toxic-Masculinity, Toxic Parenting, Toxic Feminism, Toxic Conservative, Toxic Democracy (since Toxic Democrats sounded odd to them), and the list goes on.

Ok, so I’ll explain briefly. “Toxic” simply means an ongoing mindset that only brings out the worst in people. Examples are Toxic Parents. Parent who harm their kids by comparing them to others, or punishing them physically before going through a lengthy level of explaining, warning, explaining with examples, empathy, and tons more of what one can use to get their kids of any age to understand how to be positive and not hurt others for their own gain or amusement. Toxic Masculinity rises when men teach other men how to be manly, and then females push men to gain their favor by strutting and posing as masculine as one can be. Those are simply a few examples. Nothing good comes out of being toxic. In my private life, I tend to mock all those things by slamming a cup down, putting on a mean face and saying, “For MEN.” There. Have fun with that. :)

Ok, so, how will it become toxic? People got a habit of jacking things up and this will be the same. In short, over time, the term “Toxic” will still be used properly, but then, a group of people will use it to indicate something bad. Toxic Traffic Lights at the wrong time, Toxic Text, because something mean was said. Then, a few months after that, it will be used by the younger generation and catch on like a rain forest fire, while the older generation insults the younger generation for using the term in that way, all the while, finding every way to be hypocritical about it.

Do you think I’m wrong? Before I go, let’s take a trip down “this happened over time” memory lane. In France, the word Gay was used to express joy, and at the time in most areas, it was ok to be interested in the same sex. It was not seen as a choice. The word spread and those in the U.S. got a hold of it. So it was used to point out who was homosexual; yet in a negative way. Over time, it was here and there and used rarely as worse words were used to socially oppress people simply trying to live their only lives. In the late 1990’s the stronger words were slowly pushed back a bit and the word “gay” resurfaced, but not as we’d think. It was used to passively insult same-sex people with a direct message that the item in talk was “stupid”. So, since it was seen as negative to call a person the “F” word, people used gay to call anything they didn’t like stupid, which in turn proliferated the homophobic culture. When people woke up and realized what was being done, a new generation of same-sex people rose hearing “gay” being used and they adapted it instead of resisting. So homophobes talked about homosexuals using the term citing it was ok, all the while as the word “Homosexual” became negative, and queer being negative as well as other words. To skirt “gay” being negative, they altered the spelling as if that alters anything of the origin. Ghey, Gehy, Gey, Ghay, and a few more that escape me were used. Now, people have switched those words for the term, “Butt Hurt” for some years starting around 2006 or so.

Basically, people will find a way to be evil no matter what. So get ready for it. If you have a negative comment, it will soon be toxic in-of-itself.

Thank you for reading.

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