The Reasons Why Trump Poll Numbers Are Climbing

Comparative Reasoning
4 min readMay 15

Donald J Trump is the former president of the United States of the Northern Americas. He has a record of lying that has not been matched by any other president, or maybe any other human in the history of humanity. He has incited small to mob-sized attacks on people. Trump has berated the looks and behaviors of women who have not praised him like a god. He wanted to, and did run the country like a business. He’s been indicted on charges of sexual assault, proven to have committed the assault, and even tried to get his lawyers to bully judges. His own like-minded wife doesn’t like him. So, with such irredeemable qualities, how can this man’s presidential poll numbers rise?

These numbers can and will rise due to the support of like-minded followers. People who need to place Trump on a pedestal so that he can be the symbol they need to be as vile as they want to be. Think of the above-mentioned list and understand that his supporters favor that level of behavior. I’ve said a few times in various posts here and on YouTube that good and evil are subjective. The way humans behave, Trump is the unmatched king of today’s society.

Politically speaking, why can’t Ron DeSantis hold a candlestick to Donald J Trump? The reason being is that it’s public that DeSantis copied Trump’s ways of handling anything. He has branded himself as baby Trump and because of that people would rather have the original than some single state running copycat. Right now, as it stands, DeSantis was the next best thing to Trump in Florida, until Trump proved he had not given up. DeSantis, like any authoritarian, will not surrender no matter how much he’s been defeated.

Another reason why Trump is rising in the polls is because the selection process for a President has become a high school level popularity vote. Not many have to like you, just the right ones have to like you and then everyone else will because they fear the backlash of their betters, if they choose otherwise. So far, Democrats and Progressives winning are like getting car insurance for the first time. In order for them to win the Electoral College vote, they must win the popular vote by a lot. However, they can’t win the popular vote if the Electoral College isn’t backing them. When Bush and Trump won, the Electoral College voters said, “We had to go with them.”…

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