The problem I have with queer, is the definition. I find NOTHING odd, or strange about two creatures of this planet who happen to be the human animal species in the mammal distinction to obtuse, abnormal, or the like.

If any word could be used, it would be “gay” considering it originally means “HAPPY” thus it spits in the face of these homophobic cowards who claim happiness is with the opposite sex. Same-sex-interested people are just that, PEOPLE. Thus far, the rate of these people harming others are so low, it’s not high enough to be a statistic. The rate of straight people harming same-sex, or homosexual people are high as the clouds. When I learned of it all, I felt ill inside; nearly sick to be apart of the “straight” people of the world. I had to find myself and fast. I suggest not wasting your time trying to reclaim a word perverted in meaning to be a pejorative to hurt you. It was never your word in the first place. That word would be “person”. As a designation of some form or fashion, I’d used (as you suggested) LGBTQ(A) or homosexual, same-sex, or gay. Until a solid notification, it’s the closest to a person I can think of, that does seem or sound insulting to the plight of people who have different tastes in who they want to be with. Yup… I’m pissed. Was gonna do a recording but it’ll be just venom at homophobic people and full of swear words more than anything useful. *hugs* Keep fighting. Just know that the greatest shame, is that you have to fight in the first place; and that shame is not on you.

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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