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The name may sound inflammatory but rest assured it is not. I want to be brutally honest, with hopes of triggering a backfire effect, because that is the true test of intellect. I’ll begin this short story.

Football players have not always been outside for the national anthem. I recall being a kid when I favored the Dallas Cowboys. This would be the years between 1976 to 1994. Not even then, was the national anthem played for most games. Only on Monday Night Football was the anthem played. When they showed opening kickoff footage of the days of the leather capped players, the anthem was not played at all for any day.

When I would watch the first quarter of a game (in the late 80’s) before getting too bored, I noticed that the anthem would play on Monday nights, and afterwards, the teams would be announced. Then, the twin towers caught fire, fell, and became celebrated, even by kids who were not yet born on that day. The following year before the Super Bowl, the players came out and stood for the anthem. It was done that one time. A whole spectacle was made of it.

I wasn’t following the sport back then, due to my own logical reasons, and yet, each passing year on some channel, they would show some player of any random sport, standing for the national anthem. I saw it so much, I became desensitized to it. We all did. If you were a self-proclaimed patriot, you simply fell in line without a thought and felt like it had always been that way. If you just wanted to pay your bills and get on with life, the playing of the national anthem was in the way of the game. Matter-of-fact you might have been sick of every artist coming out trying to outdo Whitney Houston’s epic version of the song.

Lots of this stuff could be seen as just something to gloss over, but what was being done, was brainwashing and conditioning. If your backfire effect begins to kick in, you’ll know as you utterly begin to reject what I just said about the conditioning. No one wants to believe, that a simple game of trying to get an oblong item wrapped in leather and/or pig skin across a white chalked line could be something related to brainwashing. It’s so crazy, only a loony conspiracy theorist would cook it up. Keep in mind something highly important to my claim. That important thing is: everything I’ve said up until now.

Yes, the anthem has been played here and there, but not for every single game since the inception of the sport or any sport really. Usually, as I stated before, only the most important games held the national anthem, and for football, that was the Super Bowl, and in the 1980s, Monday Night Football. Just to prove my point against those shaking their heads and on the cusps of closing this article, people in the media speak about the long-standing tradition of standing for the national anthem, especially after a player knelt during the playing of it. To people in their 60s and up, they’ll say it’s true, despite knowing better.

When it was said we have a long-standing tradition, it was said two years ago in 2016, and players standing for the anthem started in 2009. You can read the article talking about it.

Over the years, thanks to how we have blindly trusted anyone we claim are in a place of power, we have lulled ourselves into their mental bed and found comfort knowing we don’t have to think for ourselves. Now when people are waking up and trying to call out what’s going on, there are two choices to make. (1) Stay in bed and enjoy how you feel, or (2) Get up and see how you really feel. The backfire effect will compel you to choose number 1.

The NFL could have done the right thing and be honest about all that it has done. Instead, they chose the corrupt path that lead them to the staggering wealth they are gifted. The NFL should be about just that, The National Football League. Instead, they have become the plantation league of football players. With 1,696 working for 32 to 34 owners whom all raged out over a black man taking a knee to protest black people being massacred in a country he’s so proudly stood and saluted for, it is overtly clear how they feel. If this isn’t enough evidence, the owners blacklisted him in fear that white fans would protest. They didn’t account for the black people that went to their games. “Shut up and play the sport you privileged asshole!” is what many people shouted.

In general, that does make sense, but then again, he only spoke because he was asked questions. Football and Baseball are revered as the single most patriotic, U.S. American past times and yet, for some reason, it’s not patriotic, nor “American” to exercise the rights given to those who are born here, let alone whose family has been here for many generations.

Right now, in the face of kneeling during a song, played under a nylon and polyester flag, people of hate protest the silent, kneeling protesters; cops have vowed to not save certain players if they are in trouble, our President, Donald J. Trump not only hates anyone who kneels, but has called for them to be deported. Just to let you know, the only people in this country, who has ever been spoken of publicly in terms of deportation, are Mexican-Americans, Mexican U.S. citizens, and Black U.S. citizens. So that alone informs you of the racism that filled the air just a few days after the kneeling took place.

If this is not enough, the NFL has now added a policy that blocks kneeling during the national anthem. This is one of many definitions going on, of being unconstitutional. It is unconstitutional, because it goes against the 1st Amendment. The NFL and other haters ignore how ironic their stance is. The reasoning behind me saying “racist” is based solely upon the rhetoric shouted about the kneeling. There are tons of it and it is still ongoing today. Before the year is out, you will hear it, but not on paid media.

It is not a full-on race thing in the NFL as white players have taken knees and held fists high in true solidarity. With this new policy in place, what will happen? Will there be another NFL strike? Will the players fall in line, getting with the program? The NFL’s employees’ next actions will ring from that moment onward into the future. That wave can have overwhelming positive echoes in politics, and social guidance. People generally pay attention to celebrities, and their favorite news channel. If the football players unite against plantation owners, and their loyal fans boast their efforts, it will rain down summer heat. The news will cover it and not fully give their opinion. That’s important. People in the church will be in on it, and if the preacher is in favor of the strike, then the congregation is in favor. This means, the news stations will follow suit and this is a great deal of the nation. It’s like I said; people are brainwashed and conditioned. It’s not about the individual. It’s about who tells that individual what they want and/or need to hear.

Why did I name the article the way I did? Read below.

A fascist is a follower of a political philosophy characterized by authoritarian views and a strong central government — and no tolerance for opposing opinions. … The term was used by Italian political leader Benito Mussolini under his totalitarian, anti-communist government.

Thank you for reading.

I found this later. Take a read.

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