The mentally ill are the majority of this country. Lead in the water, indoctrination, patriot-checking, and anything else that aids in the furthering of the normalization of hate in the U.S.A is nothing less than a sign of mental illness. These nazi and neo-nazi are the children and grandchildren of those who were a part of the red scare group. Hating nazis were the thing to do, and rightfully so. Now look at them. They don’t want to lose their heritage. The heritage of hate, and if becoming the one thing your ilk hated most, assists you in hating minorities and lovers of minorities, you have no problem selling out. Sadly, we protect these mentally ill people. We protect their speech, hate speech, hateful marches, and elected officials to create rules for a country we can’t leave. In truth, as much as it hurts to think about, they need a bullet. They live like they are bulletproof, and so long as we stand by and let them destroy people of darker skin and those they love of lighter skin, we are no better than they are. Those white people who did nothing but get a video should be locked up for not protecting their neighbor-in-need. I at least would have grabbed one of the nazis and flung him to the ground and gone in to do the same to anther. I’d get my ass stomped, but I’d be too afraid of what would happen to those people, and if I watched and did nothing, I could not live with myself. EACH of those bystanders are going to see their reflection in the mirror. I wonder how they’ll feel.

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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