The Five Ps of Politics Used to Ruin All Peoples

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I tend to drone on but not today. I’m in the mood of “stop being willfully ignorant, look around, think, question, and force yourself to pop your own bubble and breathe fresh air.”


People hear the word “Policy” and don’t understand much about it. There’s no in-depth philosophy or debate. A policy is simply a goal a candidate must strive for. In shorter words, “It is their promise”. There is no compromising a policy. When you say the words, “In this house, we,” followed by a rule, that is the policy, that is the promise, and compromise is something you won’t do. It’s not a “think about it like that.” It’s “That is literally what it is.” When you get a job, you must abide by the company’s policies, or face being fired, fined, or demoted. When you listen to who you want to vote for, listen to their policies… if they have any at all.


This is simply as simple can be. You have a way of thinking about things, but what happens when you turn on the TV, online media, watch advertisements, and listen to unchallenged verbiage? When we sit down, and turn off our brains and open our ears, we are taking in propaganda. This group wants to do this, that person wants to do that, I will give you this and that, these are what’s being said and done, and a whole host of other clichés enters our minds without us questioning what we are hearing. It is based on trust in what we think might be right. No matter what political party you tribe with, when you get the chance, you tune in to a show that caters to the group you choose to side with and take it in. This isn’t about if what you hear is right or wrong. This is about being neglectful in questioning if what you hear is right or wrong, and what certain terms mean. Listen to who you are listening to. Do you best to not simply hear it, nod your head and think it’s ok simply due to the words being against the other side.


This is the nastiest of them all. This by far caters to the innocent child in each of us. What I mean by that: is the part of us that has a deep seeded belief of, “They like what I like so they are good.” From bottom up, I’ll sum this up briefly. When this country was founded, before there was a president, it was the settlers against the natives. The settlers were promised a better life and in order to get it, you must lie about who looks different and then take all the land you can. So yes, catering to white people against “red people” was the goal and talking about “living a better life with your family” was the pandering. After World War 2, people in the US were deathly afraid of another attempted global dictator trying to rise and to maintain those people would vote for certain candidates, the “Big Red Scare” was created. First it was Russia, despite it being Germany that started it, and after that, China, then, China and Russia and people voted in fear. Classic propaganda mixed with pandering. Later, we would have “The Southern Strategy” which used hateful and apathetic white people to vote Republican, ensuring Democrats would never see true power in the USA. This lasted until one president thought about black people. He thought about the untapped votes in the black areas of the USA (note: black areas) and not only had a swag voice, but interjected the subject of smoking weed, and then played the blues on the saxophone. That was pandering 101 to get the black vote. This would be done more egregiously when his wife would talk about carrying hot sauce around in her purse. More recently, building on the “I can keep you safe from brown people” spouted by W Bush, Trump has built his legacy on keeping brown people in pain and pushed back across the southern border, as well as offensively assault the very people he claims are terrorists in countries that has no care to harm the USA. Sadly, propaganda has led people to believe differently. When someone dangles the keys in front of you, shake your head and listen well, because usually, their message, once in practice, will only hurt you.


This is in the name itself. Sadly, people call themselves a patriot and over 60 years, the term changed from uplifting your country into the greatness it proclaims, to defending how the country is from change; and change has become synonymous with none whites. While people protest the ugliness within the USA, those who are patriotic fight with all their emotion against it. Primarily, they boast on the side of their political party. They shout down anyone who goes against their belief that their political party is unequivocally right and often will get into shoving matches and/or outright fights to prove their side is right. When the shouting begins, it is always best to silence yourself, step back and look at both sides. It’s not about who becomes aggressive first. It’s about becoming aggressive (not over) but for a people or political party, or candidate that either doesn’t know these people exist, or don’t care that they exist. Sure, a candidate can come to town and say, “These are wonderful people” and yet, it’s your duty to ask, “What makes them wonderful to you?”


This is the final checkpoint with any tribe; whether it be politics, religion, or personal relationships. After everything above has been done, the final road is to ensure that all whom you know, retains your views, or something similar, but within the same tribe. It’s like Christians who don’t like Baptist, but will say, “They ain’t so bad so long as they believe in our god.” It’s the same as a democrat and republican going at it but find common ground on closing boarders. It’s the same as someone hearing their friend got into a loving relationship and making sure they run that relationship in the ways they always talked about. It often happens while watching the same program or sitting some place when a reminder of the topic snaps into the air and someone says something like, “Yeah, they might be true, but it’s ain’t us, right?” Or something like, “Oh no, see how they do things? That ain’t us at all, right?” I would say, it’s a marriage of projection, Stockholm Syndrome and Misery Loves Company.

Thank you for reading.

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