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Writing blind here.

Cops entered a Taco Bell in Tennessee and were turned away just because they are cops. At least, that’s what any headline or simpleton would cite. Cops have a license to kill, and right to not thinking. When I was eating with my family at a different restaurant, two cops stood next to me. I glanced a few times at their belts. Two cans of pepper spray, taser, walkies, phone, no body cam, gun, no clips, extending baton, and lack of care for surroundings. Imagine being in a wide-spread cult that kills, is feared while being needed, and the only justice they face, is if the murdered person’s blood splashes on them in last ditch effort to spit on them. White privilege is nothing compared to this. One of those cops, well sheriffs, could have turned on me while pulling a gun and killed me; while shouting, “put it down”. Everyone would have scared to no end and while citing I had a weapon (what can’t be found) all would questioningly applaud them. Of that crowd, some would start to ask real questions, while the rest would be happy their kids were saved from a horrible black man eating his thin fries, waiting on his wife and daughter to return from the bathroom. YES, that scenario played out in my head in less than 10 seconds; maybe 5.

I hope this is a trend that keeps going and spreading. From now, all store policy can read, “No shirts, No Shoes, Have Gun, NO SERVICE.” Taco Bell might still be serving sand, but they are also serving dismissals to murders; would-be or otherwise.

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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