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On the date of July 17, 2046, multiple viral videos of Unidentified Flying Objects broke the internet. The footage displayed only one person being swiftly levitated from the ground. Screams of fright filled the air as onlookers were more interested in capturing the video than helping the targeted person. While the content creators had a jamboree with the videos, government officials remained silent. The media was a conflagration of reports, hypotheses, and questions no one could answer. Few spoke up, but the few were what it took to ask the more important questions. They wanted to know why no one helped, why the aliens took these people over others, and why the government has not stepped forward about it. Mainstream media came to the defense on why certain officials are silent, while social media was divided on if the government knew of the aliens, didn’t know of them, or were working with them.

While social media advanced into what non-US countries sent their craft to kidnap people, other countries were doing the same; accusing the US and others of the same actions. After a few weeks of bickering, everyone began their normal rants and retorts while others used hashtags such as, “JusticeForTheTaken”, “StandWithTheTaken”, “AliensGoHome” and “BringThemBack”. Then it happened. Transmissions and all live streams were hijacked. In their place, everyone could see the taken. They are bound with their hands together over their heads, with long chords leading from their skulls, to panels off toward the side. They hover unconsciously a few feet from the floor. The area appears dark metallic green with orange lights slowly moving in patterns to intermittently highlight the taken. A steady breathing can be heard increasing in volume with each exhale until it levels out. When it speaks, the tone is more or less unassuming to the human ear.

“Our apologies for taking your kind like this, but our travels have proven we cannot be cautious enough. We are a traveling race searching for allies against a monsterous threat. Your world is small, but can amount a defense with help. We would like to be that help. Thanks to our neural links, and 2 hours of deciphering, we can translate our languages to understand each other. We hope that this world will help in fighting those that destroyed our own. Before any partnership can be formed, we must first interrogate. As you can see behind me, the cube-shaped drones are placing your own onto tables for the journey to the room of questioning. We want to know how your world functions. We will ask them in the manner of helping them find safety and protection for a better life. Their answers will determine how you treat your own kind. We hope it is favorable. Kind minds fight harder for their loved ones. However, if they are abused and find their treatment contemptible then we will have to take negative actions. If you are salvageable, we will help you get better, but the worse you are, then we may have to obliterate your world. We can’t let a sentient world fall into the hands of the destroyers. Until the time of judgment has concluded, continue being joyfully social, and ensure your well-being.”

Written By: Sedrik Cannady

Edited By: Sidra Owens

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