“Stop Conflating Racism with White Privilege”

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Though I don’t like Google, I use Google Translate to listen to a post titled, Stop Calling It White Privilege” by Michelle Elizabeth. I have not written here in a long time, and that was due to it being easier to speak. I’m not going to rip everything Michelle Elizabeth had to say, because while she makes many uncontroversial points, she, like many, make the egregious mistake of conflating two things: Racism and White Privilege. I can tell she is one who has not watched Independent Media. If she had, she would know the differences. For her, and anyone else out there reading/listening to this, you must understand there is a vast and yet interconnected difference between the two.

When it comes to racism, it is simple, finite and undeniable. Racism, in its most simple form regards one people of a “color” feeling superior to another. This mindset causes that people of that color to look down at others whom are not of that color. That’s the basic and simplest definition and explanation of racism there is. What comes from racism is holding on to that belief as its’ own religion. People must create the “why” of their superiority, and logic dictates that one cannot claim superiority without defining the inferiority; one massively thick and long line in the sand. With racism, that group must build their culture in ways that gives them the ability to look down at “The Others”. Ultimately, this leads to retaining superiority through laws, rights, and social discourse; thus why it’s called, “Systemic Racism”. Through the system are a people oppressed. This ushers in the superiority as The Majority, and anyone else, The Minority. No matter how few the Majority become, they are still in charge due to all those before them put in place to retain the superior status. This becomes the way of life for both group and all other groups introduced.

When an introduced group joins the fray with high hopes based on The Majority’s propaganda of their area (or in this case country) they come bearing gifts of joy only to discover they not only The Minority, when needed, the enemy of both. When you introduce a financial system to separate classes, then you get another can-of-worms that thoroughly divides The Majority into their Nine-Tier levels. What racism does, is while these Tiers are in effect, it places those that are forever part of The Majority on the same financial level of The Minority. Now, at this point all could see themselves as equal but when you live the life of being superior (even as the inferior of that culture) you want to do as mentioned in the beginning of this post; retain superiority. So the oppressed, and the new groups already understand how to survive with barely anything and try to open their arms to those they think now understand. Sadly, that rarely happens as the new oppressed Majority will never swim in the shame of the survivors of the Majority and thus, no matter how poor, downtrodden, and beat down they are, the originally oppressed are forced to be viewed as even lower.

Now that I’ve steadily pushed this to the level most people are in their respective nations, we can move onward to Privilege; in this case White Privilege. While we are all forced to be lesser, propaganda against the poor must be maintained. Why? Because questions arise such as, “Why are they poor?” “Why should we fear them?” “Why are we not friends with them?” Kids ask some amazing questions, and when not answered, young adults find their way back to these questions. This leads us back to the propaganda. Billboards, movies, news outlets and more will have started ages ago with demonizing the others, even their own who were forced as low on the financial totem pole of a nation. This will sound conspiratorial, but I ask that you open your ears, and if it doesn’t match, then that may lead into the final portion of all I am attempting to explain.

In all Majorities, the more-or-less Boogieman must be in play to scare everyone into thinking they are protected by the top tier of the Majority. “You need to be protected from these ruffians.” Each will utilize their own protection services with the police being the primary service. The police are simply an empty shell until given orders. Search for crime and haul the criminal off to jail/prison. What are the crimes? How long is each sentence? Does the punishment equate to the crime? Many good questions and yet, when criminals pile up and they resemble the Majority, then there is a problem. Why? Because when the Majority’s criminals look them, the society that benefits from the Systemic Racism start to look in the mirror without the smiling joy of simply “being better” and begin pondering, “What’s wrong with us?” Since criminals are demonized with grossly poor characteristics, the police and other federal agencies must look into spreading the beliefs onto “The Others”. If you see a crime, haul the criminal off to jail/prison. There, people lose their rights, become free labor, and treated like half broken down government hands-me-down that are subjected to various levels of abuse, neglect and torture. The rest of the standup, decent society can see them as trash and generate all levels of quips and rhymes such as, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”, “Don’t go to jail if you can’t make bail”, “Just hope you don’t drop the soap.” When poor neighborhoods are policed and most are taken in on charges and “charges” the public turns a blind eye and tend to thank the police. When this happens enough, it becomes the norm, and all norms are treated as, “It’s ok to do it”. No one cares because they are mentally trained to think all criminal deserve it. Until… someone they know and love become that criminal, and then they want to talk about what is just, unjust, and injustice. When The Majority doesn’t have to think much about being placed in such a system, they are mentally free to do anything they want. Yes, I am bypassing being patriot and such in all of this. The reason being is that it is easily woven in. Simply switch from being internal, to external in terms of nations and then apply everything else. This breads the “Exceptionalism Mindset.”

With all that has been said in setting up the system, explaining in simple terms how such a system works comes the Unconscious Mindset. By now, some or most have figured it all out. But keep in mind this is a retort to a misguided post that did cite some unchallengeable arguments. Racism is about holding one down and spewing that hatred onto that one; “One” being a group, groups, or more based on skin tone, all the while building yourself up and making sure others who “look” like you feel as empowered, emboldened, and free like you. While the people in The Majority who are broke, poor, or have fallen on bad times; have the ability to climb out of it faster than anyone else that doesn’t look like them. When trying to get a job, when you have both Majority and Minority enter, there’s usually one application left and The Majority always happen to get there first. When voices cannot be distinguished, the name that sounds most “common” gets the callback. Racism rests everywhere and in everyone, like Michelle Elizabeth said, and yet, she never mentioned “why”. She cited everything but the “why” and that was a major mistake. The Majority wants power and must maintain it, and when The Minority gets fed up with it but can’t do anything, they teach their kids why it’s like this and those kids grow up fighting tooth and nail to believe differently, but every step they take, their parents are proven right and that is a level of anger that parents forget. Those same kids grow up not only spouting the same rhetoric their parents did, but then try to form groups either against it, or talking about it secret. While the Minority talks in secret about their plight, The Majority talks as well with the grand difference being that they can do something about it without a violent push-back. When those systems are at play, and The Majority doesn’t have to think about consequences, deep negative life changes, being policed and pushed into Constitutional Slavery, they tend to go through life not thinking about anything but being better than what they already are. That everyone; is White Privilege.

White Privilege is not racism. White Privilege for the USA, rests within not having to being demonized based on skin tone, or having 1/8 blood of a Minority being part of you. When white people can say, “What racism? No one has ever been racist to me,” that is a sure fire conflagration of evidence that, that person has never had to deal with that level of reality. Michelle Elizabeth conflated everything I said and cited that White Privilege is wrong, we need to stop calling “it” that and call “it” racism. She doesn’t understand that both are not fully one-in-the-same. Racism as the norm creates the mental ability to have White Privilege. In truth, if it were all flipped, we’d be talking about, “African Privilege”. White Privilege in South Africa, in modern times, is when Colonizers live there, reduce black people to nothing, use up 90% of all resources, live in the lap of luxury, and when the government leaves due to no more resources, the black people rise up, take over in their absence and kick out the white people. Then, the while people have the gall to claim racism as black people did the very things the colonizing white government did. It is no different than here in the US, where black people were pigeonholed into their own tiny societies and then white people came in and slaughtered it, then cite the blacks don’t know how to do anything right.

White privilege is when women can have sex with a black man, get caught, and shout rape. While everyone knows the truth, their racism compels them to go with the lie and commit a Rosewood-style Massacre or any atrocities during overt slave times. White privilege is when a white man can rape a black female, underage, single, engaged, and/or married, and the black woman is seen as the enemy, with the consequence to the white man being that his woman leaves him or a single slap and it’s resolved. White Privilege is when white people can hold guns in the face of police officers without repercussion, while black people can’t carry a gun, barbecue, sell lemonade, be a city mayor, drive an expensive car, try to get home from a mini-mart, hold a toy gun, reach for their wallet, break up a fight, run away, stand up for civil right, sleep in her bed, or peacefully rest in her crib without being murdered by cops of any color.

Elizabeth spoke about culture, but that would have to be for a different post. Racism breeds the grounds for privilege. They are not exclusive, and yet, must not be conflated as one. In truth, we all have our privileges, and while it can be hard to see them, they must never be ignored once your eyes are opened.

Thank you for reading.

Michelle Elizabeth’s article: https://medium.com/assemblage/stop-calling-it-white-privilege-dce10b35c323

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