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Since I was a kid, I never understood what the problem was with homosexuals. I only saw a person. Everyone else wanted to see sexuality. I was blind to sexuality. Why was this bad? Being blind to sexuality makes it hard to understand what those with certain sexualities go through. The way is appeared as I grew, the ratio of same-sex-oriented people, were equal to those who were “normal”.

Now, like religion, I had to look at one important thing. Who was the aggressor? The straight people were always hostile towards the homosexual people. So then, I simply listened to my closed-minded friend and the anti-homosexual rhetoric they spewed from their flappable sewers. I asked an important question at the time. “Why do you hate someone that doesn’t show you any interest, and doesn’t affect your life at all?” That was too much logic for them. I knew it as they retorted with extreme defense. “What, are you gay now or something?” “Why you taking up for the pink team?” “Because, man, they faggots. Com’on, you gotta see it.” There’s many more but it doesn’t matter as it’s basically cookie-cutter stupidity.

So, in understanding straight people are fucking stupid, and I’m straight, I simply grouped myself in the crowd of dumbass muthafuckas, because I know that same-sex people have been brow-beaten so much from vocal ridicule to murder, that if they see a straight person and wishes ill onto one, it’s earned. Simple less in life people: All creatures have a fight-back limit from too many beatings. Don’t get mad when the abused stand up for themselves and whoop your ass. Now a lot of people will say not to do and that there are other avenues to choose other than violence. I agree.

Here’s what has happened that I enjoy. I like seeing same-sex couples or friends hold hands, kiss and such in parking lots, and especially on TV. Skip over how you FEEL, but seeing Jussie get deep into a guy on “Empire” always made me jump and cheer in my head. I don’t want to wake our kid, or look stupid. I simply smile and say, “See that, woman. That dude is all about some lovin”, or something thereof. Most of the time, I’m just hoping Jamal Lyon doesn’t get hurt physically or emotionally. In all honesty, they are damn near the same thing.

“Broke Back Mountain” was the greatest movie made for one reason: It opened the flood gates. What is included in those flood gates are acknowledgement, understanding, circumstances and plights. Hallmark Channel started showing same-sex movies as well as more placed on the Independent movie circuit, and more on Life Time Channel. As much same-sex was in the pornography industry, it exploded just months later and still rising. Violence could have been an answer, but the best answer was, “shoving it down their fucking throats”.

The worst thing that could have been done in the LGBTQ areas of the world is humanizing them to the straight and religious people. The war was started by straight people and for centuries a one-sided campaign. Now, with reasoning, the war is dual sides and not only are troops coming out closets to fight, but recruiting sane people from the straight side as allies. The war will last forever, but it is all about the dominant side. What does the dominant side want? For the straight homophobic people, they want “the gays” dead or de-converted from never being converted, and “the gays” want to be able to live their life without being persecuted, rejected, and murdered. It’s obvious which side is the best side. Now if only the same-sex, like their minority counterparts on the Latin, Black, and Asian areas of the USA could understand that each goes through the same thing, want the same peaceful results and at minimum; get along as one. Now THAT is one part of my utopia.

Thank you for being a Sexual And Gender Ally, and thank you for reading.

Original acronym: Sexual And Gender Acceptance

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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