(RETORT) Adults conspire to torture 12-year-old girl

James Finn wrote about a 12 year-old girl being threatened. The parents of children at her school are on social media rooting for her undue, underserved torture. The parents, the adults, the people who are obligated to do and know better are inciting each other and their own children to literally mutilate another person. Seriously think about if it were you being targeted like this. Think about your kid, kids, nephew, niece, or anyone you care about being targeted by a group of people to be tortured. What have you done? You were simply being you. I’m not joking. You were being who you are; just minding your own business.

This person is forced to go to school by law, and thus, by law, forced to be tortured by her supposed peers. These peers will do it because it’s fun and tribal. What is worse is they will do it because not only have their parents given them the all-go, but they might shame them if they didn’t. I have one important gripe about what James Finn wrote.


Seriously people. WHERE? Let’s go over this.

(1) A person is being harassed at school. This means bullied. Why not suspend the harassers? If they keep doing it, suspend them longer. If they do it again, expelled. DONE. GONE. Problem makers REMOVED. How hard is that? School is for LEARNING, not bullying. If you rather harm others than get some form of education, then you are not allowed in that school. That’s how I’d run it.

(2) A person is attacked in school. Self-defense or NOT, the assailant should be suspended for a week, and if they do it again, EXPELLED. No time for hostiles in a school. How hard is this?

(3) People find out ADULTS are calling for the pain and suffering of anyone, ANYWHERE. Call the cops. They are inciting violence, conspiring the harm of an innocent person, and abusing not only their minor, but another. How would you feel if you found a group of people conspired to harm someone you cared about that has done nothing to anyone? Seriously? What is wrong with people? Is there THAT much lead in the water? Are you forcefully inhaling roundup?

(4) Why has no one called the cops? This online group KNOWS who did it! This online group can EASILY call the cops but don’t! THAT IS DOWNRIGHT BITCH-MADE COWARDICE! Instead of calling the cops on these adults using their kids to harass, mutilate, and torture another person, they want to shame them? SHAME? Really? So if you are wealthy and commit a crime, you resign. If you are on social media and causing harm to someone else you get shamed. If you are a cop and murder someone you are moved to sitting at a desk or at home and get paid.


Steps 1 through 5 is simply this: CALL THE COPS GODDAMNIT!

Read James Finn’s article that inspired this outrage. Show him some love.

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