I hold ZERO empathy because I’m a fat person, too. NO NO. I hold empathy because there is NO REASON what-so-ever to shame someone who is not harming themselves or anyone else. What these people do when they shame people for things out of their control, or simply “It’s different from me, ahyuck,” is cause PTSD. You think not? Naturally skinny, pale, super dark, splotchy skin, etc, all get subjected to brutality. They never hear it growing up too young, so when they get into middle school, it’s brick to the face and they can’t handle that level of pain. Fat people (note “people”) grow up hearing it on TV, from others and mostly in school. We don’t develop a tolerance to it at all. It hurts. Being needless insulted to the point of rejection HURTS.

What do you think happens during a legacy of torment, unprovoked shame/torture? RAGE! Quiet, apathetic to someone’s else life RAGE. We hear about someone who hurt us being hurt or killed and we care NOTHING about that person, however, our hearts can and often behold sorrow for those affected. How often have you heard from people who have been hurt by their environment say something on the lines of, “They got hurt/killed/humiliated and maybe they asked for it. Maybe if they were better people, things like that would not happen.” OPPOSED TO the jerks who say, “If they weren’t ugly, good things would happen to them. If they weren’t so fat, they wouldn’t get picked on.”

Taking the responsibility out of the hands of the assailant is what creates an environment of assailants and eventually, equal retaliation. The problem is, when the “socially accepted” are harmed, the initial hurt party is blamed. A great example would be a rich white kid driving over 4 people and getting probation. Then the kid drinks, gambles, holds questionable parties, and has to attempt to flee the country and FINALLY gets 2 years in prison. THIS is opposed to a black woman who gets out of prison on probation (note gets out of prison) votes (not knowing she can’t) and then goes BACK TO PRISON.

The world of the human animal is vile. So many fraternity, right-wing, big money donor super-predators, and everything that tries to be kind, decent, and mindful of others, are prey. When the prey fight back, the super-predators are alarmed and appalled. Eventually, the prey will fight back long enough, and strong enough to gain equality. The only thing the prey needs to do, is STOP at equality. Anything more, and the roles are reversed.

Thank you reading.

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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