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Below this comment is the video that I was responding.

I do suggest that if you are not subscribed to the Ring of Fire, that you do so. They like RT, and The Young Turks, report on issues, and stories that no one else can or will cover. An now, my comment with the video for deeper reference.

People ONLY care about what directly and immediately affects them. When, and ONLY WHEN people can see the toxic air and are coughing and choking from it, will people want to DO something about it. Until then, it’s either not happening, or a hoax, or not nearly as important as the next pet video. People who do care, but do nothing, are that way because they don’t have the money or the ability to DO anything about it. They talk, rage, rant, cite, quote and leave a note, but it ain’t doing jack shit. Instead of using vast research on WHO is not reporting it, try using to to tell us WHO is doing something about it and how WE Can help them. Broke people can’t give money. Broke people can’t stop working. Broke people can’t make choices on how they live, and most times, where they live. Broke people need money and that begins with voting in people who will help the people and NOT the advertisers, the big donors, the corporations, the career politicians, and any company owned and ran by a grown ass person looking for shortcut deregulations like a child looking for the answers for a test they didn’t care to prepare for.


A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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