(REPLY) to The Ring of Fire’s Video

though short, I make an easy connection to explain what Farron Cousins was stating. You can listen to the video first and then my retort, or flip it. Be your own dictator.


When you look at the political map of the USA, the country is mostly red with speckles of blue. It’s been that way for a long time. Red is also the furthest away on the color spectrum in terms of wave distance. What do they have in common? They are far behind in every single way. Honestly, when the civil war ended with everyone that was pro-confederacy ALLOWED to live, this was nothing less than inevitable. We promote free speech and protect hate speech. Free speech is great, but hate speech; in of itself by name alone, defines its purpose. When you change the red to blue or green, then we will get change. Other than that, we will stay in the red-shift; behind everyone else. They get to use the USA not as the light of hope we promoted all these years, but the beginning of as a brutal and corrupt time that consistently echoes, citing its’ own worth — a worth to those with less wealthy people, doing more for it’s poorer people.

COMMENT BY: bigraviolees 1 hour ago (edited)

a little town in Michigan had a tizzy when wind mills were proposed to come to town. I know exactly why, Fox propaganda. Same people will suck on toxic refinery air enjoy freeway noise and have a glass of frack or lead water from their tap but OOoo no windmills, they are dangerous

MY REPLY TO bigraviolees

Clean energy to adults are cookies to a toddler. They want that cookie. They’ll eat the healthier stuff they refuse, just to get one. Just promote the windmills as something cool, pretty, and enjoyable to the family. Make sure people know that with windmills, it will remove the Mexicans from the USA, demoralize Muslims, and drive the unwashed Negro from their sights and back into the ghettos. They’ll all turn green-as-fuck to get those windmills. We are a mindless hateful animal. We need to use that level of stupidity for something good.

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