(Reply to) How Racism Began as White-on-White Violence

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It Started Here, and Ended Somewhere Else

This originally was a reply to a post, but felt it was too long, and made it for my page.

Here is a link to what triggered this post.


I believe there’s a beginning to everything. This is a good start. I had to set aside some of your accolades to hear your points. Great points. What the main problem being that racist white people will not understand how they are acting out of privilege and being Pavlov’ed into their system of hate for minorities. If they did see it, they’d probably shrug their shoulders about it. None racist white people will agree and see how things are, but not try to get their racist friends, family and those they hear espousing such rhetoric to see the truth. We need to be better. It all trickles down. Hate can only breed hate, and complacent peace allows hate to grow. We have laws to protect corporations from being regulated into something positive, but no laws to stamp out racism and imprison the spread of it, the hate speech, and actions. The sane white people need to stand up and drown out their hateful counterparts at all junctures; even if they are scared. Black people NEED to stop segregating themselves from sane white people who want to integrate into their fold and just be people with similar interests. Black people need to stop shunning other black people who have white friends. We are ALL on this planet together. If you know how the jet stream works, you’ll know we all breathe the same air, get the same illnesses, go through the same basic issues, and strive to simply live our lives. Fighting back means MORE than hating Trump, shouting online at people who can’t hear or read you. It means looking at yourself in the mirror, and asking how you want to be treated, despite being treated a certain bad way. It means having empathy in the other mirror. The mirror of seeing ourselves in the eyes of those we affect with unfavorable behavior. If said person mirrored our actions, would we like it? That lets you know if what you are doing or have done was positive or deplorable to some degree. Must we keep prioritizing discussion of racism over the solution to racism? We’d rather inform people of what they already know, instead of fix what is unquestionably wrong. Crazy people have been listed as people who see things or talk to people that are not there. Also, they are people who simply don’t believe in the same things as the majority. Why can’t racism be seen as a mental illness? Why can’t table talk in favor of hate be something worthy of 25 to life? Instead, we reserve that for black people with an ounce of weed on them; something a cop murdering people at will, won’t receive. Finally, to quote some candidate slogans, “We can make American great again with hope and change, for we are stronger together, with something you can believe in.”

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