Reply to Godless Engineer’s Audio on Jesse Lee Peterson

As you know, sometimes a video will spark something in me to explain things unsaid in certain videos or to counter them. In this audio by Godless Engineer Jesse Lee Peterson celebrating the death of Elisha Cummings, I spoke what they would not. This level of talk coming from white people would sound racist by those who don’t care about context or comprehension. Below is the link to the video that sparked my explanation. Since it’s YouTube, I kept it short.



Jesse Lee Peterson is simply a house negro. He doesn’t like black people, and is 100% for white people and anything white. House negros sided heavily with slave owners because they tend to not get beat on, or grossly mistreated. For this, they were at times worse on slaves than the master. This drew a division quickly and so long as the house negro was protected by the master, he would stay alive. If the slaves didn’t do well under the house negro’s watch, then he would be punished by the slave owner. If there were too many failings and he lost protection, he would either be severely punished by his former workers until he repented his ways, or outright killed during the first night. The house negro is still to this day the most hated person among black people, and Jesse Lee Peterson is simply that. Currently, the term house negro has been replaced with Uncle Ruckus from the Boondocks. This is because they mirror each other down to a “molecular level”. I hope this helped anyone who read it understand the dynamics behind Jesse Lee Peterson. He might have started off a grifter to make money by praising all things Christian and white, but when you practice something long enough, you become part of it, or all of it. Thank you for reading. I know it was long.

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