Comparative Reasoning
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Before I begin, I need to make it perfectly clear that this is not an article against god, or believing in whatever you choose to believe in. If you put any of that into this, then you’ve proved your stupidity and you need to stop breeding, and voting.

Massacres via mass shootings are so common to hear about, that it takes something special for people to care. It cannot be three people slain at a club, or four people slain at a park. It cannot be 6 people killed at a same-sex club or even a bunch of kids and teachers shot down at any school. It needs to be something where the cops are now involved, or someone is shooting back. Looking at wiki, so far there’s been over eleven-hundred people shot and/or killed this year.

Wiki Gun Death in 2023

Do I trust these numbers? No. Reason being is that like Covid-19, numbers will be obscured and hidden to alter the horrid truth. At the extreme least, when it cites 254 dead, including the shooter, that is roughly 6 people direly affected by that loss. That’s a minimum of 1,524 people grieving for months, years, and maybe the rest of their lives. In general, grief is unbearably painful and enraging. When the mind is taken to a certain limit, it snaps, it’s random to what that person will do. The list ranges from absolute social withdrawal, to doing anything and everything to cause as much harm to others so they don’t have to suffer alone. They may, un-ironically, become enraged that everyone around them isn’t going through something of the same sort. That lack of suffering, and seeing them happy about anything, could be too much to handle. What could that lead to? Use… Your… Imagination.

People of all ages have been shot and killed. This ranges from newborns to the elderly. Politicians will not institute strict gun laws. Right now, they are against stricter gun laws. “Stricter” means anything different than what there is. We can’t get past stricter, to get strict, to make sure that only mentally sane people can own a firearm. Socially speaking, they cannot do mental checks on people, because the great majority of crazy are not simply Republicans, but the Confederate-loving Republicans. In general, people who cannot critically think, and only caters to watch programs that incite their more tribal instincts, are the very people who…

Comparative Reasoning

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