Racist Cop Uses Hammer Lock to Harm Elderly Woman, YouTube Dumbasses

With racists playing in the fields they stole, I find myself doing more satire because no one wants to stop the racists. Instead, they rather protect them, or move on to Trump, as if when he goes away, racism will, too. This is my youtube satire and the responses from people. My retorts will be included.

Comparative Reasoning 2 hours ago

You have to understand, at some point in her life, she smoked weed and deserved this. Haven’t we all seen movies where elderly white women use shotguns, swear, and trash talk the police? Granted, this woman isn’t white, but she is, elderly. Since the 2nd amendment was passed to ensure unmitigated slave patrols for slave owners, these gentlemen are simply trying to uphold the ways of their forefathers and keep black people where they belong, one-at-a-time. In closing, we as black people have been free for far too long. Look at how we ignore each other for favors from our white overlords, who clearly has become complacent in the usage of their leash. Here’s an article that expresses how to help black people work with police, and unlike this, the article is not satire. https://medium.com/@sidraowens/https-medium-com-sidraowens-hit-them-pockets-264cc7cf6cc1 If you can’t read it, my apologies. MEDIUM has limits on free reads of member’s posts.

Big Guwop 420 2 hours ago

Comparative Reasoning what does smoking werd have to do with this IDIOT?? Laughable your name is “comparative reasoning”

Comparative Reasoning 2 hours ago

+Big Guwop 420 Ok, so you’re fucking stupid. You could have just said that, instead of showing you can’t read, have no attention span, and little to no comprehension skill. Try reading it AGAIN, and read the WHOLE thing.

BIGJXXX 2 hours ago

What the hell did you just say?

Comparative Reasoning 2 hours ago

I said to fucking READ THE WHOLE THING! Got it? That’s what I said!

ANGELENE R 2 hours ago

I can’t understand idiot comments like this one.

Comparative Reasoning 2 hours ago

Of course! You FAILED to read the whole thing. You only read the part you can see. Try clicking that “read more” part and see what the rest says.

mochawitch 1 hour ago

Comparative Reasoning I got what you wrote.

Comparative Reasoning 1 hour ago

mochawitch I applaud you! You understand satire, especially when it’s plainly written at the end. You have comprehension skills and thus, understand how sarcastic my words were; especially if you clicked on the link I plainly cited as the oppose of what I wrote — with a solution to this mindless, racist, police brutality that plagues the USA. THANK YOU, mochawitch. Nice name by-the-way.

mochawitch 30 minutes ago

Comparative Reasoning 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

All of this took place on May 5 2018 between the hours of 9:58AM and 12:20PM

At times, if I’m in the mood, I like to respond in kind to people. If you don’t like people being mean to you, don’t be mean to people. I find that oh-so simple.

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