QUESTION: In the USA Why Would You NOT Vote 3rd Party?

Comparative Reasoning
4 min readMay 13, 2022

Thanks to Sidra Owens for revamping and editing this article.

The reasons I am asking this question rests on never getting any answers when asked on YouTube. Also, I am deeply curious about the actual deep-minded answers that people may provide here on MEDIUM but never voice while around others. I have my thoughts, but I would like to know the truth of those who are willing to fight their instincts and be honest.

After the before mentioned reasons comes the harsh and brutal reality of how the government has been implemented thus far. Currently, there are two parties that get any vote so that means no matter who gets the votes, the voters don’t win anything beyond something symbolic.

Let’s start with the public health crisis, which has been one of the most politicized issues of the last two and half years. At first it was real, until Trump said it wasn’t, and then used it as a weapon against political opponents calling it a witch hunt. The crisis was called a lie when the first 500 died; then 250K dead, 500K dead, 798K dead and even today with an estimate of around or more than 1M, dead from a virus that didn’t exist until it did and was like the flu but different. The entire issue should have criminal punishments for those in holding political office that ensured nothing would be done about it. Still, while Trump said nothing was wrong, and that it was safe to live life normally, no one heard anything from the supposed left to counter him or anyone on the right. Complicit be their judgment from me. Regardless of if you believe in the public health crisis or not, the bottom-line rests on the fact it was not taken seriously and those in power that could have done things right from the start, said and did nothing.

The second major issue in the USA concerns Roe Versus Wade, a Supreme Court decision that allows the legal right to an abortion at the discretion of the pregnant female. Keep in mind that in the Constitution of the United States of America, it has been the law of the separation of church and state. This directly means that no official order can be given based on a religious ideology. Why? Because then favoritism can be shown for any one religion against another and all religions against the non-religious. Therefore, the religious fanatics want to…

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