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When it comes to political talk shows, there is a major problem with each of them. Listening to the mainstream progressive shows online, I find that they have degrees in politics, economics, and a few other areas that contribute to their platform. They read stats, figures, polls, headlines, articles, and more before giving you the news; and that’s great. However, they never give one the most deadly and yet urgent ingredients to this melting pot of human suffering; hope.

Where is the hope? Think about the Right-Wing. They spew the vague rhetoric of lowering taxes, ending wars, creating fair wages, building a better net worth, and so much more for (and this important) Americans. The establishment democrats do the same thing while touting the lines of working with the right. The progressives don’t say anything they cannot backup, and still, out of all the greatness they want to do, they don’t espouse hope.

Yes, progressives are under the banner of Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage, Ending Wars, Removing Corruption across the Board, and more Forward-Thinking values, and yet, everything they say in how to pay for it, comes with the attachment of, “Over the next 10 years”. If you are, “young, dumb, and full of fun,” 10 years is nothing. For those that finally get human life and what it takes to make-it, 10 years should have happened 10 years ago. We don’t have 10 years. We have right now. We have yesterday. In 10 years 80% of congress will be retired, dead, or dying, so they don’t care one bit about those younger than they are. They are about their own family and padding their pockets with tons of money handed down from the upper crust of society, and the tax money from the sea floor.

The sea floor built the nation and only those on top the mountain benefit from the construction. Progressives spout tearing it all down and doing what’s right, but they don’t hit it with the honesty we all need. Honesty is not a good motivator, but it has been a grand enlightener. People, I’m a progressive, and deep and honest progressive and I won’t sugarcoat anything for you, because you are all adults, or close to it in terms of age only.

If you want change for the better, you have to take a hit on things. To pay for everything they talk about higher taxes, and I will tell you right now, that that is a lie. We have the largest bank in the USA, and that bank is called, “Military Contractors”. Our government has overpaid them, using the guise of war to keep everyone afraid so we support the troops and don’t mind our taxes rising even higher. The right-wing conveniently blames the left-wing, and the left-wing stays silent on the accusations. We look to the left-wing to save us but they are two wings on the same bird, flying into further grandeur, while everyone else suffers.

Your insurance company raises your premium while not rendering services required for you to be seen properly. They also raise the price of prescriptions, and medical tools, and while you pay more, the right-wing tells you who to blame, and so you blame them. No one thinks about the simple fact that each time the right-wing gets into power, everything gets worse, and when everyone has had enough, they vote in the left. Then, the left-wing is demonized by the right-wing without any fight-back and everyone goes along with it, and votes in another right-wing everything and we’re further back than before. It’s a cycle of stupidity, and as far as I’m concerned, only the stupid people in this shithole nation will vote for the very wings that keep flapping backwards.

Using the military industrial complex’s contractors, we can reroute the 1.7 trillion dollars they would get for nothing, and use that for our medicine, schools, roads, home payments, and starting jobs isolated to the USA as well as many levels of uncorrupted personal ventures, and increasing disability payments. The military contractors’ payments can be reduced by 3/4 and still be overblown with money for their greedy hands. Personally, I rather use that military money to save us here, and end the wars abroad thus saving lives we’ll never meet.

People, taxes won’t have to go up, because military contractors’ greed levels won’t be met. The first war we need to end; is the war of left versus right on this foul fowl. Leave this bird and jump onto a better and clean avian. Progressives won’t talk hope, but in the grand scheme of everything, they are the only hope we have. Please think about it.

Thank you for reading.

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