To make this title claim means I must have something to support it, or I might as well put this on twitter, reddit, tumblr, facebook, or instagram. So backing it up is what I will do.


Political elections are held every two years, no matter the 2, 4, or 6 year cycle for elections. Each cycle the same thing happens. Democrats and Republicans vie for bog donor money, while beckoning the support of the financially middle and upper-class citizens. Democrats use their usual accountability program in holding the winner’s of any said election feet to the fire. Republicans do their programming of false mudslinging at Democrats, calling them names, and blaming them for why minorities are weak. Democrats, instead of slinging mud back from where it came with unshakable truths, they debate against the offensively slung mud. If you think I’m talking about the 2018 election cycle, you are part of the joke of the voters. This was part of the election cycles that preceded the election of Donald J. Trump. I’ll talk about the 2018 next.

2018 saw Republicans slinging mud at the Democrats, the Democrats trumpeting bi-partisanship to work with the mudslingers, and both sides fighting tooth and nail against the invaders of the DNC; the Justice Democrats. Justice Democrats were formed in order to take over the Democratic National Committee; what, in 2015 saw Hillary Clinton’s takeover of the organization, pay their wages, and thus, was fully backed by the DNC. The DNC fought against Larry Lessig, Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein; all three of which are Progressive. It exposed everything wrong with the DNC and how they stole Democratic Party elections. 2018 was all about Republicans hating everything, lying to people, hurting families, stealing money, committing election fraud, and undermining the needs of the many for the wants of the few. The entire time, the Democrats touted the lines of bi-partisanship.

This kind of thing happens every 2 years, and the only things that has ever changed, are how more violence happens, taxes for the common citizen rise, corporations get wealthier, people factually get sicker and/or sick more often, and more drugs are peddled on TV that causes 10-times more issues than they solve; requiring takers of these drugs (who happen to know what’s wrong) to see their doctor and get more drugs to counter the original horrible drug. There’s a ton more, but I want you read less than 500 pages.

I ask one question: What have you noticed about politics in all of what I’ve said thus far? Please think for a moment or two. What have you learned, noticed or anything? Read once more if you must. I made sure to be highly accurate in the observable patterns of political elections.


Every election year it is the same. At first, I thought people were simply uninformed; like I. I would vote Democrat because they were the tax lowering, people helping, job supporting, and better-world party. The Republicans raise taxes on the majority, lower taxes on the rich and wealthy, support corporations, speak horribly about minorities, and push that nothing can be done without God. It was simple to me: “Vote for who cares about your life.” Every election cycle, I planned to easily alter which side I’ll vote for depending upon what they are saying. After a few short years, I realized, picking a side was the dumbest thing I could do. Now, I sit back, and watch the comedy show called, “As the Partisans Believe.”

Right now, in the United States of the Americas, the loudest Republican supporters are Nazis, supporters of the KKK, cops killing minorities and the poor or just hurting people in general just because, “It feels so good to go rogue.” Also, supports are the Republican party have crashed a vehicle into protestors, hung a minority by the neck, racially attacked celebrities, held marches where they antagonized minorities, support the raping of a 6-year-old minority by I.C.E. who later made her sign her name to an agreement that it was her fault because she did not try to make the officer stop his advancements. She signed with a “D” because she is too young to know how to spell her name. Many minorities have mysteriously died in prison, or on the way to prison, as well as many murdered in broad daylight. Supporters have taken sniper stances and shot into crowds of people with military grade guns. Supporters have also vandalized their own property, citing blacks did it, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in support, only to be discovered and must return the money. The question is: why was this not treated like a false rape accusation and the people sent to prison?

I could keep going but I wanted to hammer in what lives, dwells, and thrives in the Republican Party. I would like for you to find any Republican politician that has seen a few of these things, and was struck with an eye-opening moment that this is not what he/she is about, and jumped ship. I don’t mean jump ship because it was not politically favorable. I mean they jumped ship because they were never about that kind of thing and wanted to be with a party that was adjacent to it.

I sit and watch as the Politicians who support this stuff, or won’t demonize it, are voted for by people that are intentionally ignorant to it all, simply so that none-whites don’t get something positive from anything in life. These voters are a walking joke of a human being. They have financial and voting proof that when they vote Republican, their taxes raise, and yet they blame Obama, who they still want to impeach; just as much as Hillary. Think about that one. They vote Republican and their healthcare costs rise in four to eight months, and they blame the Democrats for helping black people. They vote for REPUBLICANS and the jobs go away, leaving homes financially broken, and they blame the Mexicans. They read and hear about Republicans WINNING their election, and a few months later, 15K to 15M jobs being sent south to Mexico, or overseas to China, or India, and they blame Democrats, and Mexicans for what THEY voted for.

Now, understand this: Democrats are not off the hook in this by any means. These people are just as much of a joke. I must support my claim.

Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, are the worst Democratic politicians in history, and they were voted in because life got so observably bad, that no one wanted a Republican. Clinton got into office and while he actually balanced the federal budget, he made sure millions of black men and young adults would go to prison using the 3-strikes rule. The law was used so that if a drug crime was committed, the sentence would be relatively short. The second time would see a longer time spent. The third would see life behind bars without the possibility of parole. People are poor because there are no jobs for them. If there are jobs, the jobs pay low, so living alone was hard enough, imagine if they had a family to support after losing well-paying job. All that is left is a poverty job of 12K to 19K a year. During these years, voters sided with the 3-strikes rule. I was one of them. I had no idea what it truly meant, how it was used, and what group it specifically targeted. I was in the dark like so many others.

Hillary ran alongside Obama and she generated the Birther conspiracy, knowing full-well that racists would run with it. They did and it exploded. If George Bush was not so horrible, Obama would not have stood a chance. Many whites, voted alongside a record turnout of blacks, and COMBINED they did what they knew to be far better than the alternative, and voted in Barack Obama. I wish it showed that the US was moving forward, but instead, it showed people were just tired of being embarrassed by George Bush. Obama’s win fueled the need for racists to the point where those of Jewish faith took a few years off being hated. It was their version of 9/11, what saw blacks treated like equals for several months due to the joint hatred for anything Middle-Eastern. Obama hated the black side of himself, citing so much that he’s biracial, never talking about his dad, never acknowledging his brother, and never helping out black people who needed a voice in political theaters. NOTE: “political theater”. If not for Mitt Romney being the smart version of George Bush, Obama would have lost his second run. Bush won twice due being a war-time president, and Obama won twice due to people not wanting more wars, but they got them.

People hate learning. They really do. That’s why these voters are jokes. Obama was doing everything he could to work with Republicans. He wanted to do everything they wanted, and since they are racist, they rejected nearly all of them. The only thing not rejected from Obama was lowering taxes on the rich and wealthy, and deregulations where he saw it was ok to do so; such as the ones that caused the Gulf Oil Spill, the Alaskan Pipeline disaster, and the leaking of the standing rock pipeline several months before it was completed. People to this day, think Obama was great. There is something Obama and Hillary did in both their respective campaigns that voters didn’t care about. It was a dog-whistle louder than Trump’s racism.

“We have to work across the aisle.” That line confused me the first time Obama said it. I say, “Confused”, because I was still new to politics, and listening to code words. I still have a long way to go be decent at hearing them, and yet, some was loud enough to startle and/or confuse me. Think about it: The Democrats have a strong desire to work with people that hate them. Either, the mudslinging is part of a larger conspiracy for both parties to gain big donor money by pretending to hate each to cite voters into partisan parties, OR, Democrats are so stupid, they don’t know when someone doesn’t like them. As Megatron said to Starscream, “You’re either lying, or stupid.” Hillary’s run against Trump was so staged looking, that even I noticed she didn’t “talk back” to him when he insulted her as a Democrat, a Woman, a Wife, and supporter of the minority class. I laugh a bit at the last one; as if Hillary cares about Minorities. I recall the little black girl who raised money to join her 5K dinner party and ask Hillary — in the not best way — about calling black teens Super Predators. Hillary eventually removed the girl and said, “Now to the real topics.” Which I’m sure are the topics on the level of, “There are two sides. The truth and what I must tell the people.” I most likely misquoted that, and yet, it’s so in the ballpark it’s nearly on home plate. This, not long before showing up on a black radio show talking about hot sauce. Seeing as Bill played the Sax, and then locked up millions of black people, I fear what was to come after bragging of hot sauce. Voters didn’t see this, and don’t, and most likely, while reading this, shaking their heads and finding thoughtless ways to counter everything they’re reading; if they got this far. I say this, because it is as common as breathing. Ok, if Obama and Hillary are not enough, let’s move to the final voting punch-line of politics.

Hillary Vs Larry

Larry Lessig runs for president. Suddenly, there is a stipulation of 1% of the vote and 500K raised. DONE. Oops, 3% and 1 million dollars to gain. DONE. Oops, 15% and 1.5 million dollars to gain. Lessig ran out of money, went broke, and dropped out. Then, for a few weeks, Hillary ran unopposed, does the hot sauce thing and then, Bernie becomes a threat. Since Hillary is in charge of the DNC via paying their wages, all debate times are on weekends, late evening, and no other news outlet would talk to Bernie about his platform. Instead, they talk to him about Hillary and Trump, and Bernie is so not bright, he doesn’t even notice it, or try to call them out on it. Instead, he defends Hillary about the emails so he doesn’t seem sexist. What do the voters do?




Is that really enough?


Bernie cites everything that women needs, supports everything about them and what happens…




So Hillary is asked about her support for women. She instead talks about how women have it bad without any substance, and cites that her opponents don’t like her because she’s a woman.

*SIGH* I mean … *SIGH* Goddamnit! *SIGH*


Justice Democrats are trying to push out establishment democrats.

Voters: It’s a democrat, so it don’t matter, just vote for the DEM and it’ll all be alright, just don’t let any REP win! AH-HYUCK!


There is a big difference and sadly, thanks to creators of the Justice Democrats, the common voter won’t know about it.


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