Ok, I need to kill this apologetic thing you’re spouting. First and foremost, “Reverse Racism” is a term white people came up with. That’s the majority of your argument. The reasoning behind the myth that black people can’t be racist, is based on the facts that racism is systemic; meaning, that it is in all branches of government, paid media like FoxNews, and the Sinclair company. They media uses terms like Thugs, Inner City, Economically Challenged, Less Educated, and more. The POC in power are typically of three things: Pro-White, Anti-Black, and Pro-Wealth. If there’s a black person on FoxNews or any Sinclair TV, they are always against black people and other people of color. Work harder, educate yourselves, do what others are doing and get ahead; “Others’ being that of white people who are middle-class and higher. Is there a percentage of black people that are racist? YES! Oh, but never ask, “WHY”. That’s the scariest thing an apologetic person can do. There’s a great difference. The majority HATES a minority of any shade because of classism, elitism, and tribalism to create social, financial, and mental gaps. FEAR drives this, not rationality. When a minority HATES the majority, it’s earned. If you and your whole family appear in a neighborhood and take it over by force, killing 1/8 of the people there, and occupying it for a year, you can’t complain when they want justice, equality, and freedom. When that doesn’t work, they’ll call for separation and to do it alone. Then your family will sabotage that work, and kill two more residents, and then they hate you. You make up “Reverse Occupation” and after a few years of it, you claim the residents innovated the term, and say, “We hate you, but you hate us, too; so you’re racists like us.” Everything you said is so misleading, with blatant false-equivalence, I safely ask if you’re working for one of those groups. Your claim of “indoctrination” is nothing less than pathetic projection. Look in the mirror when you spout that crap, and stop adding the protection of stupidity in this country’s conversations on race, and equality. Lecia Michelle might not be accurate on everything she has to say, but she’s on the rational side of arguments. You, from what you posted, can’t say the same.

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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