My TYT Nation Reply — YouTube Shooter Nasim

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Nasim Aghdam, daughter, vegan, anti-trump, and lover of rabbits

Despite my fear of guns, gun wielders, and concern about gun owners, I can’t help but understand, sympathize, and empathize with this particular shooter. The problem is, she was blind. Here is my reply, and on YouTube (sadly), I will do a video on why I, and anyone would do best to feel the same way.

Video of Inspiration:

“I’m not a “believer” of moral high grounds, so no heart will be next to my comment. :D

I did a video but I’ll say it here in short. She shot innocent people. She should have shot the people who actually did this to her; those who gave the original orders to blacklist her tags and titles. Be upset with a free-thinker — it’s expected. She was wrong in what she did, and yet, so was YouTube. I wasn’t a part of the adpacolypse thing, and yet, I fully understand what YouTube did was a form of homicide. Why? Because Nasim, like thousands of others made a living on YouTube and YouTube stole that from them for their own greed. No money means no home, no food, and then death if something can’t be found before hand. As far as anyone of us need to be concerned, she was acting in self-defense, but like any white nationalist, she took it out on the wrong people.”

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