My Rage Retort to “The ‘C’ Word”

I like replying when how I feel at the time and letting off steam. First rule: Never read replies before retorting. It will ruin the knee-jerk moment.


I looked up the definition of Cis and Cisgender. Cis are just two atoms that share the same plane of existence. Cisgender has a foolishly long and complicated definition. Here’s mine. Cisgender — “Being born a sex and claiming that sex later on in life.” If it needs to be broken down further; I’m born a female and I’m still a female. This is opposed to being born a male and feeling female inside, or vice versa.

All this Cisgender and shit is pointless jargon. It’s overly highbrow to keep a bullshit argument going in bubbles. Here’s the truth.

If a person is born a sex and find that particular sex a direct contradiction to how they feel inside, then they can get a sex change. It’s best this change happens after reaching full maturity so no hormones are all messed up for the end result. If they want to do it sooner…. you know… FINE. It’s their body. If a person wants to change sex due to popularity or something, FINE. It’s their body, their life, and their money. If they use social money, so-damn-what. A person is in need or highly desire something and it’s time that we reach a point of mental evolution that people are allowed to be people. I don’t give a damn about LGBTQA(?) and such. If what someone does, does not affect someone else mentally, physically, or financially, then everyone needs to shut the fuck up and let that PERSON do what they need or desire. FUCK. People keep finding ways to drag out reasons to stereotype, label, play chess with the only life anyone has, and promote their bias. It ruins societies. While it’s positive to hold on to terms that bolster some things, it’s also mentally cumbersome.

Are you, whoever reads this, LGBTQA(?)? ARE YOU? Then understand THIS: I don’t have a problem with you. Let’s chat, watch a movie, or something. WHY? Because you’re a person that can reciprocate such things. Disliking you would be the same as hating who I see in the mirror. If you’re LGBTQA(?) and are an asshole, then fuck you. I don’t want you around me. It’s THAT simple. I don’t need anyone who is going to harm me, around me or anyone I care about. FUCK! How is this so hard for people to understand?

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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