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10 min readMay 26
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Hello, I am Sedrik, host of Comparative Reasoning. If you’ve heard me on YouTube, you’ve heard my raging tirades against the racist, and the apathetic white people in the country I reside. To brings things up to speed from ignorance to being mostly knowledgeable about the U.S President: My first recognizable president was Ronald Reagan. I thought he was the most awesome person on the planet because he was the president of the United States. I believed the President of the United States looked out for the well-being of the United States. If I could go back in time and talk to that 12-year-old kid, I would hug him and let him know, that he’s wrong on his belief and that the President doesn’t serve the people of the United States, but the richest people in the United States and they used the hateful white people to get back in power after a Democrat has ran his time out in office.

After much let down, disappointment, and more from these politicians, I sort of gave up on giving a shit about them. I had to learn that representatives don’t represent, and lawmakers don’t make positive laws. What I learned is that while politicians work roughly 64 days out of 365 days, they get paid for each day, even their off days, and at points grant themselves a raise to meet the rising costs due to inflation. The original idea was for these politicians to go up to Washington D.C, work on behalf of their voters, and try to attain what they can for their people. They must be compensated for their time and thus, taxpayer money became their salary until their job was over. Once done, they go back home and work at what job they have and earn a regular wage like everyone else. This was great for keeping them grounded in reality. Now this upcoming part I don’t know, but no one can deny it. Somehow these people found a way to always take trips back to Washington D.C and get their voters to believe that they must pay these people to go there in the most luxurious way possible and do absolutely nothing for the very people they are feeding from.

While this goes on, the politicians, with the help of their constituents, forged new for-profit holding areas called prisons. These places are by law able to utilize a form of slavery. It’s not about actually correcting anyone, or helping a misguided person become a productive person for this nation’s society. Not at all. This was…

Comparative Reasoning

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