Comparative Reasoning
10 min readMay 12

MAGA stands for Make America Great Again. It was a revamping of Ronald Reagan’s Make America Great. Donald J. Trump added the word “again” to remove any plagiary accusations. A simple campaign slogan had an epic message that Trump’s team knew would work. While the late seventies and most of the 80’s were under Republican rule, they had not taken it far enough and that simple word, “again” is what diehard Republican voters heard.

The word “again” was a bullhorn for the call of yesteryear. It was a callback to those whose best years ranged from the late thirties to the mid fifties. They were carefree teenagers then, and they raised their families accordingly and with a bit of harshness, mixed with a bit of who to blame for anything gone wrong. It is perfect grooming.

Still, something went wrong. Trump’s plan worked as he galvanized the like-minded people in the Republican Party. The voters had their messiah and a fresh-minded Trump used everything the Republicans have stood for. He opened with how much he’s worth, and then, not only did he mention that his money forced strong people to do for him, but even powerful people in the opposing tribe bent the knee for him. Trump showed unyielding authoritarianism. He crushed everyone on the debate stage with talks of who he “gave” to. He showed on many occasions that Chris Christy was more of an intern than a colleague. People at his rallies physically assaulted people without any form of punishment or persecution. Trump gave rise to the MAGA crowd and that crowd turned into the MAGA movement.

The MAGA movement took on a life of its own and Trump knew that as long as he portrayed to them what he displayed from day one on that escalator, he would have no issues. Years passed, Covid-19 came and to this day, has not been allowed to leave. The trade war with China killed businesses, and hurt consumer’s already shrinking pockets. Government secrets have been placed in areas that may or may not have fallen into questionable hands. Women’s rights have been steadily overturned as well as civil rights for particular people dismissed, revoked, and thrown out. These are things the MAGA movement cheers for. Trump, no matter what, never did anything during his time in office. In fact, he simply didn’t stop anything from happening. While some groups are filters, and some groups are open doors, we have yet to have any…

Comparative Reasoning

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