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If we look back at the movies from 1970 to 1990, cops would shout, “freeze” and if the suspect did so, the cop would issue commands. “Hands on your head! Turn around and face me!” This would be with a hand on the holstered gun, or gun drawn but held at the officer’s side in a downward position so no one got shot by mistake. Once the person is seen, and usually recognized, the officer would holster the side-arm and have a casual conversation, and/or proceed to arrest the suspect and sort it out later. The suspect was not under arrest. The suspect was being detained until all was sorted out. That process could take time; a week or months.

In real life, cops would show this same practice on TV when news crews would follow along, or in cases where people took out their camcorders and recorded such events. That could be one per 3 to 5 years for the whole country. It was less than that in minority neighborhoods. When minorities began to gain some form of higher income in the late 1980’s to mid 1990’s, recordings reached the 1 to every 3 to 5 year ratio, and due to that, the Rodney King beating was captured.

It sucks to sound racial, but white people didn’t think things like this happened. They believe that it was a hoax, and that was highly understandable even by black people. The reason being, white people never had to face this kind of abuse from time-to-time, if not see it every single day of their life. When it did happen to them, they took action and disciplinary notices were carried out. White people always came together and their tight-knit communities always fought for justice. The news channels covered the Rodney King beating, and cited that it was rare and something like that has never happened before.

Mentioning and yet excluding rhetoric by certain whites about killing blacks and the proliferation of the KKK from days long ago, with said beliefs held not just into the 1990’s but to this very day, decades later, the teachings of these people are carried out by Law Enforcement. From nickel rides that leaves spines snapped, to 10 year old girls being mistaken for their adult parents and beaten in public daylight, strangulations, gun shots into scared, fleeing men, 12 year-olds being shot from a moving car, young parents of three gunned down at night, and women being molested and at rare times raped, it’s amazing that in the black community, things are different.

Black people rally together, get organized, march in the streets and are met with force by Law Enforcement in riot gear, automatic weaponry, shields, dogs, and snipers. White reports trying to show the events are detained, footage taken away and in rare cases, beaten. Though no law has ever been issued, it is a crime to record police without cause and/or permission during such events.

What needs to be known is that this is not isolated to minorities. White people headed the 99% movement on Wall Street where they gathered in tents on public properties, protested in an orderly manner here and there, and rendered accurate information to those willing to take it. That was 100% of the 99%. While the 99% sat in chairs, kept the park and street clean, and were mostly silent in protest, from above, people at times could be seen smiling down onto them. One woman was drinking a glass a wine and smiling. A week later it all de-evolved. Cops were seen pepper spraying sitters who were locked in hand or huddled together. The cops were walking as if looking at paintings, hosing people’s eyes with a potentially flammable liquid. Cops shoved, pushed, beat, and verbally abused protestors. Wall Street cited that the protesters were on private property, and making a mess. The scene after a large group was forced away left papers on the road and knocked over trash bins what cops shoved people over. Some bins were tipped over by retreating people. There was no violence, until the cops arrived.

The 99% was taking place during the rise of footage of police brutality against black people. The 99% were shown more, and their families were spoken off, while black people slain and/or humiliated by cops. To any white person reading this: have you ever wondered why when black people get killed by cops or wanna-be cop vigilantes, they always have weed in their system, had weed in them at some point, had weed on them, was armed, charging, fighting for no reason, had no family or friends to speak of as if created into life and not birthed? Have you thought of that while when a white person slays minorities, or even their own, they never showed signs of such behavior, had friends, family and whatnot that loved them? If you have not, or blindly went with such rhetoric on TV, you need to know, it was propaganda; using your privilege against the pains of minorities across the board.

There is a ton of things done to ensure white people could not and would not see such travesties. If white people did, the sane ones, the none racist ones, would stand up and side against such atrocities like they did after Martin Luther King Jr’s march in Selma. If there is a solitary case to use to exploit how far behind white people are of their government’s plan, there is guy named, “The Texas Progressive”. He’s a good guy. He really is. When an adolescent black kid trying to make friends with older white kids was hung by these same white kids, “The Texas Progressive” was angry, but cited they must have “mistaken him for someone else.” If you are white, and can find how deplorable that line is, then there is hope. As I said, he’s a good guy. I think he may have misspoken, tried to play devil’s advocate, or blindly tried to give reason for the white kids’ actions. Only one of those excuses can be accepted by a rational forward-thinking person. The law did nothing, but the media was all over it for 10 hours. If you can find how sick that is, there is even more hope.

The government of the United States of Northern America proclaims to look out for its citizens, while classifying us as, “average Americans”, “Free-Market America”, “<Pick A Race> America”, “Poor”, “Working-Poor”, “Middle-Class”, and let us not get into dog whistles like, “Urban”, “Economic Challenged”, “Lower Education”, and not People of Color, but “People of… Color”. A citizen should be just that, a CITIZEN. We are thoroughly divided and what’s worse, we do the government’s biding by enforcing the division with racism, tribalism, religion, lack of religion, and who sides with police.

The government provides for “Americans” and they don’t mean the region from southern Chile, to northern Greenland. They are talking about the wealthy. You’re probably thinking I’ve gone off topic, or have not really had a topic. You’d be wrong. I’ve been building a case for you to understand. I’m hoping I’ve gotten you to nod your heads a few times, and think about things. See, I don’t need head-nodding. I need people who think along with said head nodding. That would be you, if you made it this far. Here’s why.

The government from town, to city, to region, to state, and federal, use all monies collected by anyone cashing a check; even if that check was direct deposit. Think of all I mentioned about police brutality and that’s not even half of what I’ve seen, and not even half of what you know, or just learned. Imagine what you don’t see. Here’s one more. A group of black teenagers are peacefully having a pool party. Two large white women approach from a distance, and start slinging insults and slurs. The cops show up and ask nothing. One ninja-rolls trying to “apprehend” one girl, and later has one female dragging her on the grass. She’s frightened and the white women happen to walk away. I’ll put this simply. People are paying the government, to pay the police to brutalize U.S. lower class citizens of any color.

Why is this happening? When the government talks about helping “Americans” grow, they are talking about the rich and the wealthy; people who give to politicians. They talk the middle-class and how they need to be bolstered, but what has been done? The politicians and their owners know that in time, people will rise against them, and they are of the olden days. Note that they are all over 68 years of age. The cops were militarized during Barak Obama’s two terms, and not during George Bush’s first of two terms; when it would have made sense. It was believed by blacks that Obama would look out for them, and stop the racism once and for all, but instead, racists exploded from the grassroots to the RNC rallies and nothing was done. When you think it’d not get worse, Trump won and emboldened the racists, who are not just cops, but soon-to-be-cops.

The government is using cops to put the fear in us all, so we keep our noses down, recorders off, and fight amongst ourselves on what is and is not abuse by the police. Basically: it’s racists for cops, non-racists against cops. For evidence of this, think of why #blacklivesmatter started, and what followed by cops? Blue Lives Matter. That was supported by racists, but when cops betrayed a few of them, #alllivesmatter rose. This did nothing but drown out minorities being victimized and social media screaming that it’s bad training, when it’s never been about the training. Suddenly, there was #<insert>alllivesmatter. This made a full mocker of #blacklivesmatter. Now you barely hear anything about it.

Cops have not only broken us, but aided in the rise of the racism people were lead to believe was dying off in the 1980s and early 1990s. We are paying people to hurt us, as well as do it ourselves for free. There is a reason why Rodney King asked, “Can’t we all just get along?” That was buried by black people into a running gag until it meant nothing. King’s question is not the question we need. We’re far behind that level of thinking. We need to ask, “What does it take for us to stop hurting each other?” I’ll leave you this: a full definition of LAW ENFORCEMENT in both parts.

LAW = The system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its’ members and may be enforced by the imposition of penalties.

ENFORCEMENT = The act of evoking interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way the action or practice of fulfilling or respecting the requirements of law, morality, or ritual in accordance with a wish or command with a law, rule, and an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound.

One last question: When was the last time you saw “To Protect and to Serve” on a police car of any type?

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