Comparative Reasoning
8 min readJun 2
Image by Sedrik Cannady of Youtube background for Comparative Reasoning

If you take the chance to study this static background for my YouTube channel, you’ll see a few things. Currently, you’ll see palm trees, sand, the ocean, and a clear sky. This is a lovely scene that I may never get the chance to experience. I’d like to travel these United States and visit far off nations, countries, provinces and such. Sadly, over time, those places, even the place I reside, has become increasingly dangerous for people who look like me. I grew up thinking that only people who lived nearby that heard whatever rumor about me would be the only danger to face.

As a child, I didn’t know about hatred and so, I would pray to god at my bedside and once laying in bed to keep the peace of the world as it was presented on TV. I didn’t have the intellect and awareness to understand the words on the TV and what facial expressions mean. The inflection in a person’s tone can alter the meaning of anything equal to the level of said inflection. So, as I grew, and understood that some things that happened to me were things I would not ever do to anyone else, I prayed not to keep the world happy, but to keep the world from being mean. I prayed for people to not hurt anyone, but still, they did, and as I grew I noticed that not only do people hate just to hate, but depending upon skin tone, if you’d get any help at all, or further punished for things not done, but claimed.

By the time I was 9 and a half, I gave up on god because I grew logical. It was simple things such as nothing ever happening when I prayed so honestly. Compare that to when I get cut or something, mom would help the best she could, and sadly, if she thought it was serious enough. No one’s perfect, but everyone does notice. Think about it: Racists cannot hate if they never noticed there was anything at all. The same goes for the wealthy who hate the poor, the poor who hate the wealthy and so on. So, when I first heard of same sex people, I didn’t understand what the problem was. A guy liking a guy didn’t seem bad. You like who you like. Oh, I was 10 at this point, entering winter or already in winter. It was not January but after it’s wasn’t hot. Give me a break, it’s been decades. Heh-heh-heh.

When I didn’t show any hatred for same sex people, the people around questioned if I were like them. I never responded. I found it stupid. For me, it was…

Comparative Reasoning

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