I just read up on PReP, for the most part that is.

It’s a pill that reduces the chances of contracting HIV. I get that. The problem is, you are so happy as if it fully prevents it. Blood is blood, and viruses are not about smell or sight; not that any research has shown thus far. In agreement with you, as I even stated before, viruses know no race, creed, caste, or financial level. And like that last person, you too argue as if I stated you were against condoms. You can at least read what I wrote. I’d LOVE for this world to be STI free, because (1) I can’t see a point to the virus, and (2) We are born to reproduce. Simply because you can’t biologically reproduce with the same sex, does not mean you must not enjoy them. That’s crazy talk. Not saying you said it, just thinking about those bible-thumpers out here. I have NO PROBLEM is you getting it on with who.. or.. what.. ever you wish. It’s not harming me or you, so have at it. That’s important. People need to understand that. It’s not hurting anyone, LEAVE IT BE. Though you mentioned learning about condom use, you spoke of condoms as if they are an annoyance to learn about, not a tool to use to aid in preventing STIs. There is a way, a condom can be used for a great sexual experience. I might write about that later. Sadly, it’ll be short. I ask that you write about the importance of sexual safety as equal to sexual freedoms.

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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