I gave 50 claps, because you didn’t hold back your feelings, and your anger is justified. Keep in mind, this book was (as you factually stated) written by a white guy, in the 80’s, about a land he doesn’t care about, about a people he doesn’t know about, involving other cultures he’d at best appropriate, but not give credit to. That is common as fuck today. Look at EVERY foreign film involving a white person. Only that white guy can save the whole damn day; doing in a short amount of time, what legions of people had been trying to for years if not generations. This most likely sounds racist on my part, but then again, how could it not? Books and movies like this are swimming in racism. Hollywood sends movies to China and the way they depict black people, the Chinese has no choice but to take their word for it; thus they hate us. The headline read how Chinese didn’t like Black Panther, and it was racist as all-get-out. We did a thing on it and we were letting it fly. THEN, the rest of the article came out and we were like, “Oh shit. We need to apologize. It’s not their fault.” We did just that in the next video. This world SUCKS roach nuts, and it’s up to new authors, directors, and play-writers to push minorities and their stories to mainstream. Ram the history, and cultures of Africans, Asians, Spanish, and more down the throats of these outer-city living, safe-space bubble living, peoples if majority privilege throats. Considering they’ve turned a blind eye to the world, it’s time the world give them some glasses, and slap the good eye, and hope their ears open up to hear the truth of their history, and how it hasn’t changed one fucking bit. NOW I’M PISSED OFF. Fucking book.

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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