I don’t follow you on this. I posted this a while ago, so chronology maybe the issue. My anger is primarily at the stupidity of people who have no excuse to not know better. My co-host says that you were trying to say that since consequences were delivered, talking about it any further is pointless. For this particular situation: you’re correct. You’re just not correct in assuming I posted this in the past 30 days. I posted this roughly in the same 2-week span it was first reported on non-facebook social media. Oklahoma not being progressive is not the issue. People in Oklahoma willfully rejecting forward-thinking ways is the issue. If no one changes, then nothing changes. People know about that state or any bible-belt state. If they choose to move there, they messed up. What needs to be known is that his is not an isolated thing. It’s spread and happening as I type this. Shaming is the only thing anyone will respond to. It sure as shit isn’t decency.

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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