Comparative Reasoning
4 min readMay 19
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Ok, just getting this over with as fast as I can because I’ve said it a few times here and on YouTube.

Racism is a belief and political system. Less than 1/3 of the country of the USA guides another 1/3 while the remaining just sit back, get mad, shake their heads, complain to their friends and family, and then vote as usual to get nothing moving forward. That’s how people operate in the Unites States of America. The people who have nothing use fear and/or hatred to vote for the people who won’t do anything of substance for them. So where does this leave the minorities of these voters? The minorities vote, too, but never have anything, and if they do, their weak achievement is demonized by those who have the same level of achievement and worse by those who have nearly everything. Here’s the thing: Minorities don’t have to be broke. Use the system against itself.

Simply put and I tend to say, “Hit them pockets.” It’s that simple. Here’s what Minorities don’t know but need to learn right damn now. You were not born to suffer under the Majority Conquerors. They cannot and will not leave that mindset. These people must conquer everything they see; even their own. It is their nature. They, through their own bullshit, have programmed defeat into the great majority of Minorities. These like-minded people will hurt any Minority by any means they deem necessary. Simply “Hit them pockets.”

The cops have arrested you for no reason. They shot you. They killed a loved one in your family. The injured party needs to file Civil Lawsuits. “Hit them pockets.” If you cannot afford a lawyer, find one that will listen, and have no problem getting paid by the defendant as part of the lawsuit. You would be the plaintiff. If you are publicly discriminated against at an establishment and you have evidence, file a Civil Lawsuit. Were you physically rejected from somewhere based on people not your complexion removing you based primarily on your skin tone? “Hit them pockets” with a Civil Lawsuit.

Listen, these people know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you will not do anything to fight them, or challenge what they do and say. You need to, but via a lawyer in a Civil Lawsuit. Criminal charges are what tend to lose in court due to this racist capitalist system. Oh, some of you privileged people think…

Comparative Reasoning

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