“ Generations of men have been conditioned to leverage the authority over women granted us by virtue of our simply being male.” “Man up.”

As much as I was wanting to read all of this, I choked in disgust at the opening paragraphs. What crazy feminist got a hold of you? You hate yourself something awful. You need to speak for yourself. I just did an audio on this kind of crap. You spread the same stupid shit those before you have. Don’t blame MEN for all this shit going on. WOMEN and MEN alike feed the beast of stupidity as they do all they can to feel intellectually superior to the other. We as a society need to change the messages in song, TV, the home, movies and on the street. We talk about who is to blame, who is stupid, who has power, who is in control and not once, not even you take a step back and realize that lower-thinking people in general are to blame. Men citing women and mentally and physically weak. Women citing men as a strong brooding patriarchy they must resist. They resist directly into the same mindset they are trying to topple. Through song, TV shows and more as stated before, we ruin society as a whole. Personally, I’m above all that bullshit. I’m BETTER than that. Why? Because it’s not about the gender, or the sex. It’s about the person doing stupid shit that I ridicule. Men are not the problem. Women are not the problem. Self-righteous, self-absorbed, shameful people are to blame for all the levels of separation and disrespect. You are feeding that beat by blaming one side. It is up to EVERYONE as individuals working together, to make a better society. YOU… have not done that. You can say good to great things, but the overall ton, even to the last few paragraphs I read, was “Men ain’t shit”. I say, “serperatists ain’t shit and people like you are not helping them get better.”

A catch-all topic based channel without restraint. I’m about shedding light through the fog using compare & contrast, mixed with reasoning, and personal views.

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