Gay is Not Queer! Spreading HIV is Queer!

I listened to a post by Gareth Johnson entitled, “Are we living in a post-HIV world?”

He mentioned the forward movement in treatment, and capability and cheered a return to the 1970’s era in San Francisco California USA of males having free-of-thought sex without protection. While what he said has much truth within, what he has done is dangerous. Imagine if back in the 1960’s everyone used condoms, and said condom use became the norm. This means, in the 1970’s HIV may not have had the chance to come into contact sexually. Keep in mind, HIV has always been related as a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Today, disease has been altered to Infection. People don’t think that half the time the virus was transmitted through blood transfusions. This means, infected people rendered this to hospitals via selling blood due to having little to no money due to an ongoing harsh economy. If not that, the blood was transferred via emergency surgery.

These are the most documented methods of transferring the virus. This does not mention the millions of people who fall into two critical categories. The first are those who unwittingly carried the virus, and those who knew they were infected and planned to infect others by not disclosing their status. This still goes on today, even in spite of medical advancements.

Gareth Johnson seems to be saying that homosexual males can finally go have sex freely without having to wear a condom; as if condoms are the bane of sexual expressions. Condoms have been around for a few centuries in one form or another. This is part of Gareth Johnson’s article.

“For me, it’s a bit of a mind-trip that testing positive for HIV is no longer a death-sentence, that you can have sex without a condom and not worry if one of you might have the virus. That you can have no-holds-barred sex, with no fear, and no care for consequences.

It’s fantastic that today’s young gay guys, who are just beginning to discover and explore sex, don’t have to worry about HIV. Obviously they need to learn about it, they need to have access to PrEP, and they need to understand the full gamut of sexual health, but it’s just part of life.”

This is not all he had to say, and I encourage you to read the full article for higher context. Maybe you will understand it differently than I. At the end of this article, there is a link to Gareth’s.

I found Gareth’s article dangerous. Just because we have great advancements in prosthetics, does not mean we can joyfully hang our appendages from moving vehicles. Test positive for HIV is no longer an assured death sentence, and having the view that cites HIV as nothing more than a cold, undermines that fact that once it will kill your immune system. HIV kills your immune system rendering your body’s defenses null and void. That is when you have AIDS.

Just think about it like this. What Gareth is saying is, “Since we can mostly live a full life, it’s ok to have unprotected sex and contract the virus because we won’t die in 5 years.” There is a reason why “YOLO” is said by some of the dumbest people alive. “You Only Live Once” would best be used as declarative, to inform people that they need to be wise, while getting the most out of life. You can’t get anything out of life when you are dead. Gareth’s joy over feeling able to randomly have sex in the face of death is nothing new. I just wish he’d think more than feel when it comes to something like this. Case-in-point: his closing lines.

“Let’s not forget our history, let’s not forget the people we’ve lost, but let’s be thankful that young guys today are growing up in a world that’s something a bit like San Francisco in the 70s, or a long, lust-filled summer on Fire Island.

We may now be living in a post-HIV world.”

Though he is speaking from a homosexual mindset, this is a universal threat as HIV knows no sex or gender, or caste. While there are people who are immune to AIDS, they do have HIV and can transmit it just as easily at anyone else.

No matter how much lubrication is used, or generated during sex, friction remains constant, and friction rips skin. During sex, our bodies are more tolerant of pain, and discomfort. How many times has something felt not right, and yet, so damn right at the same time? Now think about that during sex. In either case, we have a habit of knowing something isn’t right, and proceeding anyway. Doing so with HIV has been the truest migration of the virus.

HIV has not gone away, and with people believing it is ok to randomly have sex due to being able to live a long life, is simply people saying it is ok to spread it without care, without warning, without mercy. The unwitting endgames for these mindsets are a world where 100% of people have HIV. With the common cold uncommonly getting worse and influenza killing in higher numbers, people purposefully having unprotected sex and yet unwittingly contracting and spreading HIV is nothing less than manslaughter.

Don’t hate these people. Simply explain to them how what they do, can make the original epidemic of HIV/AIDS seem like a 5 minute dream, compared to what they are accustomed to. If they don’t listen, or refuse to listen, then please, report them to the police. HIV/AIDS remains deadly. Protect yourself and others with proper information, condoms, and having standards for sexual interactions.

Thank you for reading.

Gareth’s full post for accurate context.

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